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Hi! Thanks for your video review :)

I see that you play with an old version of the game (the mouse issue at the start, and the main menu not show the "UPDATE #2 (14 MAR 2017)" message in the lower right corner of the screen). The current version fixes some bugs (detailed in the page description) and improves certain parts of the game.

From your comment in Youtube:
"This game should win a prize for best combination of interesting graphics and awful gameplay"

Yeah, totally agree xD Thinks that the game is a practical exercise made in only 4 weeks for a master degree in game development. Not is a demo, beta or preview version for a future final game.

Anyway, I hope, at least, that you ever enjoyed (a little bit) the game :)


Edit: I see now in your video in Youtube that the video review has been recorded on 11 march, before the last update. That explain why you played an old version :)


A bit late of a reply, but I did enjoy the game! I usually exaggerate a little bit in my videos, people love to see me rage. I'll try it out again in my free time sometime!