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This game has been really inspirational to me! I had no idea something as seemingly simple as a band simulator could be so fun and moving. The characters whose routes have been released are fascinating and have honest issues and faults that make the story that much more engaging. I really appreciate the wonderful experience you've created. If you end up releasing any future updates, I would definitely be willing to pay for them!!

I'm not sure whether you've already spoken about this, but I'm curious to know how the game was made. It seems like a really complicated game to me (programming-wise), especially the tile-matching game and the "outcome screen" which pops up after the band has played a gig. However, I only know a teensy bit about programming; perhaps that's why I think it seems so complicated :P

Also, if you folks ever need any help spell-checking or editing, I'd really like to help!

Thank you so much for making this game! I love it!

You know about Ren'Py, right? You learn Python the more you experiment with it. The basis of all of my games in Ren'Py start with a loop. Having one looping label and then slowly add something to it each time you want to add more functionality. For instance, start with the daily planner screen as a loop. The buttons lead to a different label with a different loop. Inside those buttons is another loop with more buttons, and so on. Add some functionality to each loop, including a way to get back to the previous loop. Google anything you want to do but don't know. :) That's my process simplified. It comes with a LOT of testing and failing.

I've messed around with Ren'Py, but never to this extent. That's an awesome explanation! Thank you! Unfortunately, when I Google how to program things, I'm often incapable of understanding the explanation :P