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I've just uploaded a video on this game and I must say, IT'S AWESOME! It honestly feels like something a AAA developer would make. I had so much fun so I've recorded a second video and that will be uploaded on the 20th of April. I only had one problem and thats that I got stuck because I drove into a wall and I couldn't reverse or respawn. So I'd suggest for you to add a respawn button. But it still doesn't change the fact that this is an amazing game. And sorry that I said the game is on GameJolt, I've put it in the description that it's on in bold with a link. Keep up the great work!

Sorry that my voice is really quiet, It's been fixed for the next video

Thanks, this is a great video! Glad you had fun with the game.

And thanks for the suggestion, a respawn button is actually a great idea! (though we'll also have to investigate why you got stuck in the first place ;))

Thanks for replying, I can't wait for the next video (and maybe a third ;))