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Good start honestly, if it weren't for the fact that there was nowhere to save I'd have enjoyed the demo a lot more (obviously this is a very early version). The game had a suitably creepy atmosphere and I like the fact that you didn't rely on jumpscares.

My only real gripe is that the game feels all to similar to Resident Evil 2, the game is obviously inspired by RE2 and I'd just be careful not to go TOO close to familiar story elements. That being said the stealth section was a welcome change of pace (even though I sucked at it).

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Thanks for making this video! Tomorrow we will release the improved 2.0 demo with save points and some balancing :) we are obviously inspired by RE series, but also we have some Silent Hill things, Metal Gear (not Solid! :D) things and other unique features. We would love to create a game with its own identity!

Glad to hear! Looking forward to seeing more :)

We wait you here tomorrow ;) oh and in a short time we will release also the 2nd demo featuring the other playable character!