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Good little game! The alternative story was by far the better of the two stories. One of those scares really got me!!

Not bad for your first game, didn't click with me unfortunately. Looked great though! (Game starts at 33:40)


Loved this! Great art style and those neighbours were all horrifying in their own ways! Good job! (Game starts at 16:39)

Good premise! Massive props for having a "realistic" ending! ;) (Your game is first in the video)

Was this game trying to be serious or a meme? I couldn't tell! Honestly might have been worth sticking with one or the other and this might have been pretty good! (Game starts at 23:13) 

This game jumpscared me so hard it was actually embarrassing! Very spooky's house of jumpscares! 

Well I wasn't expecting THAT ending! Good job! (Games starts at 7:04)

This was great! Simple yet effective! (Game starts at 36:53)

Actually quite enjoyed this one! (Game starts at 11:12)

Great demo despite a few little frustrations! Looking forward to the full game! Game starts at 12:39.

Could have done without all the walk around the block sections but otherwise this was a pretty good little game! Game starts at 43:49

This was really creepy! Good job! (Game starts at 24:30)

Really enjoyed this! Very realistic as most cyclists face horrors on the road every day! :) (Game starts at 33:04)

Properly weird game! That jump scare though! (Game is the first in the video)

Great hark back to Silent Hill! The only issue I had was with that crab boss! Screw that guy! (Game starts at 25:45)

I was thrown by the text to speech voice acting but otherwise an awesome short survival horror game that took the right influences from Resident Evil and Silent Hill! Good job! (Game starts at 13:50)

Didn't expect this to be as good as it was! Never looking at Kermit the frog the same way ever again! (Game starts at 53:33) 

Never ran away from a tentacled street light before! I'll chalk it up to experience! 

I honestly have no idea what that monster was I ran in the opposite direction and never looked back! (Game starts at 7:44 in the video)

This game was great, a good mix of funny and scary! (This game is at 21:47)

Really enjoyed this! Looking forward to seeing more! 

Yeah never opening another cardboard box ever again... 

Apart from not being able to interact with the environment this was a great little horror game! 

Probably one of the best Resident Evil fan games I've ever played! Nicely done, I'd happily play a lot more! 

I'd like to see Agent 47 escape that house... Great little game! 

Great at setting up the atmosphere for the full game! Would have like to have been able to use the ghost hunting stuff (but only because I'm looking forward to the final game)

I think I've actually had an interview that was worse than this before... A lot less threat to life mind you.

Great little demo! I've got to say the way you've made the key hunting actually interesting rather than the usual indie horror bore!

Had a great time playing this! Very well done especially in the time allowed!

I had the pleasure of doing the voice of Mason Boggs in this game so if you're reading this my totally unbiased opinion is to play this game! The worm song will be with you til the end of time though...

Creepy, but damn those guards are mean! 

More fun than unboxing an actual PS5 

Great little indie horror! Creepy atmosphere which is tough to pull off set in just one little room! 

Fixing up your house in a world ending storm has never been more frustrating! I did love the mystery surrounding the ocupant of the bedroom though! 

The black eyed children isn't an urban legend i've heard of, but I will  be looking into it now! Left some feedback towards the end of the video!

Great creature design and I loved the concept. Couple of niggles but for such a short development time very well made! 

I ended up playing a good few more of these and they started off quite tame but game 12 (avert your eyes) is probably one of the creepiest and most disturbing games I've ever played!