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I am not a sports fan and not very keen on football, but this game is very cool. AI is tough for me though) The game looks cute and I like the UI and menus in particular a lot. Controlls feel good, however maybe sprint is not that responsive. I mean that I don't really feel like running fast. I will follow the updates to see what can come out in the end. As flokiman sad, the game has good potential. Sad that keyboard is not supported.


I am the same not a huge fan of the football games but this is a lot of fun and its got a lot of potential. Sad indeed if keyboard and mouse is not supported. But nowadays i guess everyone has a controller of an xbox or ps4.

Keyboard is supported, settings are in the player setup menu :)


I'm glad to hear that. So you just change it in the settings ? Yeah I think that having the keyboard as the first option would be ideal. Also maybe put like a list of keys in the description once you add more moves and stuff.  Also start a discord server to get people involved :)

Yes you can change it :) If you don't have a controller, it should use keyboard for player 1 by default.

I'm not really a discord kind of person, the problem with too much input is that it takes time away from actually working on the game, so I'll keep to listening to comments here, and on reddit (I post an update there every new version) :)

You know best :) keep up the hard work! 

Thank you for your kind words! Keyboard IS actually supported! It should be the default if you have no gamepad connected. If not, let me know, it may be a bug! You can view and set keys in the player setup menu.