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This game is a very unique and creepy addition to a puzzle genre, i like the intro into the game it really gives off a nice atmospheric start and makes you feel like you need to escape as quickly as possible, the basement is asthetically pleasing and has many objects and curiosities to look at.

 The only down sides i encountered were a lack of direction or any sort of hinting to help you along and get your bearings in the basement, maybe in the future there could be a little more narrative or voice acting to guide the player to the key components needed to escape , especially if a person was new to this style of gameplay.

 The horror element is good and the switch between the realities is a nice touch it will be interesting to see further developments in that direction and how scary things could get and also maybe a development into the characters personality reacting to the unfolding horrors.

 Overall as a demo it is a great concept , it will be great to see what else develops.

thanks for playing! Someone else had mentioned maybe a hint system though I feel that might be a bit heavy handed. I have some thoughts on how to help guide the player a bit. Thank you for the feedback!