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Sorry for itch being late to the update! I wasn’t aware that it had not been uploaded here.

Awesome to hear! Thank you!

Thank you! :D

Awesome! I hope you enjoy it :D

That’s extremely kind, thank you!

Thank you! :D

Never too late for horror! Thank you for playing :D

Thank you!


I try to watch them all. Thank you for playing!

Awesome! Shame you saw it broken lol. Thank you!

Currently, my target price is $11.99 with a launch day discount probably bringing it to $9.99 but I will solidify that closer to launch.

I’ve decided to change the community section of the game from simple comments to a message board. Doing this will let people still share their videos (which I love) but also allow a place for bug reports, feedback, and general discussion about The Mortuary Assistant during development.

Looking forward to the full version and thank you all so much for playing!


Thank you! Also I’m going to find another way to tell if the player is outside. I’ve brought the rain in with me twice now and can not reliably reproduce it lol

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked it :D

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Were you playing v1.1.4? The latest version fixes a number of game breaking issues that came from the previous build.

Edit: just checked your video. You happened to grab the one version (v1.1.3) that had about 3 different game breaking bugs. 1.1.2 was fine and 1.1.4 is fine. Sorry you experienced the buggy version!

What were the events that caused you to restart? I’ve gotten a few mentions of certain points in the game now so I’m trying to hunt them down.

Awesome! Thank you! The VO credits are at the end of the demo under the main menu button. Her name is Melissa Medina. Fantastically talented!

This is incredible strange. I’ve seen this a few times now and I can’t seem to recreate it. What is your machine setup? I’m trying to pinpoint what it could be since I can’t seem to find it naturally. I’m sorry this is what you experienced.

Do you have the newest version? In 1.1.2 those issues should be fixed. I am also putting up the last demo update before going back into full production very soon here.

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Working hard on the full release!

The demo is on Steam currently, but the full game will launch in the spring on both itch and steam

I’m looking forward to full release too haha!

I appreciate that. It has changed a whole lot since the prototype. My goal was to expand on the feeling the prototype gave why going a lot deeper on what mechanics and story could be. The full game should be pretty detailed.

Thanks for playing the demo! :D

I’m really glad it worked out! Thank you for playing!

Both 1 and 2 are addressed in the main game. There is a reason she can’t leave though I do plan to have a system that will change her delivery of lines depending on how recent a spooky event happened. We’ll see what I can churn out. Depends on my ability to pay voice actors beyond what I need for the project to be done.

Outside is getting more stuff and there will be game-play out there. Just wasn’t necessary for the demo. however, I did want the player to be able to see that there was more than just in the Mortuary. Thanks for playing!!

LOL someone else had a thumbnail where they put a smiley face over his crotch. I thought they had made a pron parody. Silly youtube.


Thank you for playing! I’m glad you had a good time :D

Ha Awesome. Thank you for trying the demo out!

Thank you for playing!

When the body was outside looking in, did you go through the door leading back into the lobby where the front desk is? I’m just trying to pin point where you had your issue.

Could you not open that door or did the game freeze, etc.

As for walking through the lady. Which one and what location? Was this in the embalming room or in another location? Any information is helpful to figure out the problem. Thanks!

Thank you!

Best compliment I could get haha

Thank you!

Yeah I have seen that bug. I have it fixed and will be doing an update to the demo probably tonight. Thanks for mentioning jt!

Thank you for playing! I’m glad you liked it! :D

Thank you so much for the kind words. This stuff really means a great deal to me and keeps me pumped for completing the full game. I think spring is going to be fun :D

Subtitles will be in the full version. You can see a tiny hint of the system when you first enter the mortuary. I simply haven’t gotten to stand the whole thing up yet but they will be there!

I chose specifically to not have a lot of reaction VO. I’ve always felt it breaks immersion to have the game tell you how you should be feeling. Instead, I opted for reactions from her that pertain to telling her story to the player and informational dialogue for the players benefit.

You don’t get tons of it in the demo but there is a lot of her story in the full game. I just have never liked when I play a game and the character has a reaction that is extremely strong to something the player may not feel is worth it. I’d rather have the player assume the reactions of the protagonist. May not be everyone’s cup of tea though and that’s understandable.