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Thank you for playing! The prototype is meant to grasp the concept of it. A full version would have a lot more polish to it. Thank you again!

I’m so glad you liked it. Thank you for the great video!

That’s so great to hear! Thank you so much. I have another major project I’m working on Our Secret Below which is more of a thriller but will have a some of the same vibes to help tell certain story elements.

Link leads to the itch page which has a trailer. Thanks again for the kind words! It means a ton to me!

Thanks a ton! It’s awesome to see people playing it :D

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! I have a project I’m working on currently (It has a page here on itch) when it’s done, I’m going to plan out a full schedule for and expanded version of Mortuary Assistant!

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Thank you all so much for playing The Mortuary Assistant! It’s been amazing to see all the videos and love from everyone. It really feels great.

I wanted to mention my project on Kickstarter right now. Our Secret Below is a thriller but will share a lot of the vibes from Mortuary Assistant in its various story elements.

Our Secret Below Kickstarter

If you could support, help spread the word, anything at all, it would mean the world to me!

That silly inspection glitch. Yeah that would be fixed in a full version haha. Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you! It will be fun to finish out. I’m still working away on my current project Our Secret Below, but I will be using a lot of this kind of vibe in various places to push the story.

I’m entertaining the idea of doing a more full features Mortuary Assistant in time for Halloween this year. Depends on a lot of factors with Our Secret Below though. Thank you so much again for playing!

Haha I’ve never seen anyone break the inspection system like you managed to. would be fixed in a full version. Thank you for playing!

Download the zip, unzip the file to whatever location you want, and run the exe. Should be all there is to it!

That’s awesome! Thank you!

Thank you! The response has been good so far. I am working on another project currently but this one has a special place in my heart. Maybe a full release this Halloween if I have the runway.

Thank you!

Thank you very much! Sorry it was cut off for you when you started! The resolution options would be better in a full game. Seems like you had a few buggy things I’ve never experienced. Thanks again so much for playing! I’d be super excited to expand on this one after my current project.


The Mortuary Assistant is a prototype where the player is called in by the Mortician to complete an embalming process. This is a very short game play experience but I think it’s a fun one that I would like to expand on in the future.

You can grab it for free here: ITCH PAGE

I create a prototype every month for Patrons only but for December, I made one that is more of a mini-game and I made it free for everyone! You just need a VR headset.


The concept is simple, you are a test subject that has been volunteered for a certain type of test. All you have to do is interact with reward modules that are inserted into our cell. Every correct match adds to your time, if you run out, you fail the test and will be removed from testing via automatic injection.

If you arent familiar with the universe of my game The Subject, you can read a summary of it on the itch page here: THE SUBJECT

I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it! Have a great and happy holiday!

It is. I’ve just been swamped with WTTG work so I need to set aside some time to make the necessary changes to being that version over to itch.

the save issu is kind of bound to happen if the player isn’t careful. Though that’s sucks. As for the no running animation, that’s interesting I’ll have to look at that. I haven’t seen that in my build. Thank you for letting me know!

Linux build is here!

Yes! Now that I have the pipeline figured out. The plan is to be releasing my games on steam and itch with both Windows and Linux versions for future projects.

Hey! I may try to get that done tonight. I have 3 projects going on at the moment so thank you so much for waiting! It’s on steam so it exists I just need to gut the steam integration.

Thank you for sharing! So sorry I missed this. I've been busy with three other projects but I still shared :)

should be soon :)

you can purchase the game here now! Thank you for your patience :D

Yes! I actually have a build for it but need to get in contact as they do not allow enough space for the game currently.

Same! It’s been fun to work on and DreamHack has been fun so far. Hope you like the game :)