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could anyone give me a guide or tell me how I should go about not getting a bad ending at week 60 ? I got every building to level 1 and made the hall level 2. I only had one village (I thought I captured the others until around week 30 when I saw I only had one which may explain how long it took to make money). I also only went to Keep Reave at week 59 and for some reason they said I took the keep despite I only just left it.

I would like to know what building I should upgrade and how I should go about not losing at week 60. Please could someone help me with that (I ask about which buildings do I don’t waste money, also maybe advice for which research to do (I focused on the 40 ones a bit). And which building allows me to take the Drikers (may have misspelled that).

I would like advice since I can’t find any walkthroughs or guides in it. So the advice would be much appreciated.

Edit: I am using my old android phone to make some strategies to use on my laptop version of the game. I am being more careful and deciding to try and take Raeve Keep as soon as possible (not sure how long since I need to infiltrate it which I saw needs a spy which requires the brothel, which requires dark subterfuge, and that requires Opulance so a total of a hundred moves before I can take it.

What research and building do I need to get Driders ? I ask since I never could get them the first time I played through (shockingly in my first test one those soldiers were quick and got rid of the first nest at week 3 (the week where you see Alexia again is when the my destroyed it, I think that is week 3) which shocked me since normally I had until like turn 12 until it was gone (reloaded a couple times and it was always around that week so seeing the nest destroyed at week 3 is kinda making me think I am screwed early on (kinda like in XCOM when I lost my first two majors in a story (given I had one bring up the rear and he didn’t escape in time)).

Also I think this time I got two villages (the one by the nest I mentioned was destroyed (the village to the south of the portal), I think I captured it since I stuck to the plan and didn’t let the Orc take it.

New Edit: Finally completed the first quota but I still don’t have the 500 gold (at least I don’t think I do, the turn prior I had like 370 and just took Raeve Keep 2 turns prior. I still don’t know what research and building I need for the Driders (still upset I lost them). Could anyone tell me about how to get them ?

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i followed this links

I hope it helps you

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thank you for letting me know, but none of those let me know how to build the breeding pit to get the Driders. I am guessing it is behind a research but I don’t know which it is behind (I am starting to think it is behind the military stuff).

Edit: I managed to not get a game over, I took Reave Keep probably a few turns before the point that led to the game over. I built the Tavern first, then the Dark Sanctum, then the Forge, and then the brothel, the arena came after the deadline. I also only spent money when I needed to, I forget the order of research I did.