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weapon damages are same in all game modes.

Did the automical mission complete bug happened in campaign mode ?

Haven't noticed it there. Not sure about other modes.

I have tested the game multiple times but couldn't find the bug yet. I'll keep testing it.

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Just tried mission 8 two times. There was no pilot that I should rescue. In mission 7 there is no control tower that I can capture and no soldiers on my base which I could pick up.

P.S. It seems I've found the problem. This happens on easy difficulty. All is fine on normal.

oh that's because easier difficulties reduces the number of objectives, but reducing it to zero is my mistake. I'll fix it soon.

Completed tutorial one more time. I still think messages there changes too fast. They should stay probably twice longer (or at least 50% longer). By the way. I could translate your game into Russian if you're going to add multiple language support.

Thanks for the suggestion, in tge next patch, I'll make the messages last longer or make every messages diaappear when the player pressed the required key.

I'm not planning to add multiple language support right now, maybe when I have extra time to work on it as it would require some changes in the code.