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Hey there, just tried out the demo. I like the art style and the music is fantastic, not to mention how well this game appeals to my love for puns. Unfortunately, it seems I ran into a bug or two. For some reason, I couldn't move through my options in combat so I could only ever select Otto, choose to attack and go with the first option for my joke. When I confronted Gackels, the combat was further bugged and I couldn't select anything, leaving me stuck in combat so I had to close the demo. Still, I do like the concept here. Definitely interested in seeing more.

Thank you for trying the demo!!! Thank you we spent time with style, music, and narrative!!! For normal combat you should be able to use your mouse to choose between Otto's jokes and teammate abilities! We'll be fixing the Gackle's glitches!


That's great to hear, I'll definitely check out the next demo build.

Awesome!!! Super happy to hear :D

Thank you again for playing!!!