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I'm curious if you have any idea on how long Road to Nowhere will be shelved. I am of course no stranger to developers taking breaks for various reasons but I ask here because this is in part a FMV game; I fear taking too long to return to it may cause someone in the cast to be unavailable. Do you have a backup plan in that scenario?

It determines Kat's fate!? I was always gonna support it but now I must.

Take all the time you need. I'm still interested to see what comes of this.

Just saw ManlyBadassHero's video on this, and I love it. Super impressed by what you've got so far.

Just saw ManlyBadassHero's video on this, definitely hoping you make a full version.


A good, short experience. Definitely curious how you intend to expand on it.

Congratulations! I obviously do hope to see this game finished one day, but I completely understand the hiatus.

A gorgeous, enjoyable short experience.

Just saw ManlyBadassHero's video on the demo, very impressed. Cool to see a gyaru as a lead in a horror game. Looking forward to more.

Oh, this is wonderful to see.

Next month? That's awesome!

I watched ManlyBadassHero's playthrough on this, really impressive. Overall it's solid, my only real complaint is that the enemy's pathing can result in the player kind of getting stuck in a scenario where they can't survive.

A minor delay to ensure a better launch is totally fine by me.

Brilliant idea, I hope you make more honestly.

Congratulations! Hopefully they perform well.

A shame, as I quite liked what was here. Still, I'll be interested to see what comes from its ashes once you've recovered.

Just watched ManlyBadassHero's video on this, and you have my attention. This already looks incredibly promising, I cannot wait to see more.

That's fantastic! Congrats.

I'm just happy to hear from you.

Just saw ManlyBadassHero's video on this, I really enjoyed it. I hope you expand on this, I see potential in this game.

Looking forward to the Kickstarter.

It is a shame to have this unavailable on Steam, but I do feel its their loss.

That's awesome! Glad to hear I'll have an excuse to reexperience it.

Can't wait!

I'm so sorry, it's never easy losing a pet.

This is the room I got the second half of the key and got stuck on the wall in (had to quit out which is why I don't have it now).

I can't record but I'll try posting some screenshots. I'm watching your LP of Awakening to see what I was missing and yes, I got the second part of the key in a completely different area.

Hello! Just started playing and I keep getting stuck on walls. I have to mash jumping to get free, and even then it's not reliable. I also had the second part of the key appear at seemingly random in one spot when I got stuck before I just had to close the game.

All sounds fantastic to me. I loved what I saw in ManlyBadassHero's video on this, I cannot wait to see it develop further.

Well, this is delightful. Looking forward to more.

Sounds fantastic. Will we be given Steam keys if we already own it here, or will we just be getting the same upgrades? I'm fine with either, just making sure I understand things.

Love the new gameplay clip. I'll miss the old design for Mustache, but the new one still looks great.

Just got Awakening in the bundle, cool to see Episode 2 going so well.

She seems great

That's great to hear, I'll definitely check out the next demo build.

Hey there, just tried out the demo. I like the art style and the music is fantastic, not to mention how well this game appeals to my love for puns. Unfortunately, it seems I ran into a bug or two. For some reason, I couldn't move through my options in combat so I could only ever select Otto, choose to attack and go with the first option for my joke. When I confronted Gackels, the combat was further bugged and I couldn't select anything, leaving me stuck in combat so I had to close the demo. Still, I do like the concept here. Definitely interested in seeing more.

I'm so impressed by the current build. Love the style.

The demo was nice. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Kat's just looking for Inuyasha, she's fine.