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Other Tasks

I like the idea of having a road map and trying to stay focused. I've always sort of had a system, but rarely anything concrete (txt docs, scribbles on sheets of paper, post it notes, etc). However I think it's important that just because a task doesn't fall in the realm of things I need to get done before I can move the project forward, doesn't mean that task should go unaddressed. Bugs are a special case that should be cataloged or possibly addressed as soon as they crop up depending on their severity. But what about the other stuff? Small features and fixes I'd like to put in...

Well without futher ado, here is my list of:

      • Melee attacks with both hands alternating
      • Bigger melee boxes and juicier effects
      • Make swarm critters telegraph their attacks
      • Controller Support
      • Factor Luck stat in to drop rates
      • the ability to cache a weapon and carry two, one in hand and one on back
      • Fix the light flickering issue where colliders overlap
      • Alien Metal (currency) - demoted from main list on 2/29, shops and currency aren't essential for the vertical prototype

This list can shrink and grow, tasks could be promoted to the other main list, and tasks can be demoted from the main list to this one. For example: enemies telegraphing their attacks was on the original list, but is obviously much less important than many other issues and will make almost no difference to the Greenlight trailer.

I'm also gonna use this post to address what I think is a very reasonable question: Why put these important lists in a forum dev log instead of a Google Doc, Trello, etc?

Well the best answer I can give is: accountability. Maybe only a dozen or fewer other devs will ever read this... but somehow by putting all these goals in a public space and documenting success/failures, I feel like the world is watching. I get the feeling this process is going to be a real game changer for me. If you're reading this and you see a bunch of stuff crossed off the less important list while, or the list is growing out of control while the main issues are going unsolved, please: call me out on that shit.

Okay that does it for now, back to the grindstone.