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Hey, this is great! The Runoff mode for breaking ties is super intense! I really like the feel of the dodge as well.

If you're interested in ideas for improvement, here are some I'm sure you've already thought of:

  • Difficulty adjustment for AI. Playing against AI feels pretty tough right now, but I've only played a few times. Beat them on my third try.
  • An explanation page for the health system and power ups. Some are obvious, some less so. Not sure what "Ghost Ship" does for example.
Really looking forward to playing with a friend as well as any future updates. Thanks!

Hey Capen! I'm really happy you like the game. I'm sure you'll enjoy it more when playing against a friend.

The Ghost Ship perk may be confusing since AI doesn't use dodge too often. It makes your ship pass-through and it cannot be bumped out of the arena.

I'll think of adding the explanation page in the update. Same goes with weapons / perk balancing and AI tweaks.

Thanks for the feedback and all the best!