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Had such a great time with this and only made it to frame 5.  Thanks for making it!

This is so good.  Love the music, and the animation of the trees as they are watered and flower.  I didn't read the Help section at first, so even the beginner level of difficulty seemed daunting.  I backed it down to casual and then it clicked that an end can't face off the playing grid. 

The timer and click count are great additions, allowing the player to choose what goal to go for.  Great work all.

Hey, this is great! The Runoff mode for breaking ties is super intense! I really like the feel of the dodge as well.

If you're interested in ideas for improvement, here are some I'm sure you've already thought of:

  • Difficulty adjustment for AI. Playing against AI feels pretty tough right now, but I've only played a few times. Beat them on my third try.
  • An explanation page for the health system and power ups. Some are obvious, some less so. Not sure what "Ghost Ship" does for example.
Really looking forward to playing with a friend as well as any future updates. Thanks!