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I was unable to finish the tutorial. All waves died at spawn and I had no energy to use "serious weapon" - then game hanged in the tutorial and I wasn't able to do anything anymore. 

I was thinking more of drawing resolution - the one you make sprites for because it is scaled up to 1080p isn't it? 

Looks super cool! What resolution is it? I also really like color palette. Will keep my eyes on this game for sure.

Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed it! :) 

Thanks @chrissx2 ! Glad you enjoyed it! 

Dude! I love the idea :D It's great use of the theme. Awesome work as always! 

This one is great! Awesome work and really fun idea :) 

Thanks! I'm really happy you like the game. If I'll be working on an update I'll add the power up frequency selector. If you have any thoughts about balancing (which ones are too frequent or too powerful ?) let me know.

All the best!

Hey Capen! I'm really happy you like the game. I'm sure you'll enjoy it more when playing against a friend.

The Ghost Ship perk may be confusing since AI doesn't use dodge too often. It makes your ship pass-through and it cannot be bumped out of the arena.

I'll think of adding the explanation page in the update. Same goes with weapons / perk balancing and AI tweaks.

Thanks for the feedback and all the best!

Thanks Kuba!

Yeah it's a small game, but I'm glad you were able to get some fun out of it :) It became a lot bigger game than I initially planned it to be, but I guess that's normal. Thanks for the feedback, I'll consider it while doing updates for the game. As it goes for multiplayer games it's pretty hard to balance stuff out if you have very limited amount of people to test it with. Some power ups may appear too frequently or be too strong. Like "vampire" perk which is a bit OP I think. I'll gather some feedback and rebalance stuff to make the game a bit more fair :)

All the best!

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As above. Post all ideas and feature requests here.

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Please post the bug reports in here: