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i really really REALLY enjoyed this... the writing is amazing, the art, the world, you feel a part of it very quickly through the natural interactions and simple explanations. The horror elements are handled so elegantly, things don't have to be nightmare fuel /jumpscares/ or super horrible imagery to be constantly upsetting. I read the warnings and though im not into vore, the second i saw yistol's teeth i knew it was that path, and i was gonna go there regardless xDDD overall, i really loved everything, good work!!!

Thank you so much for your incredibly kind comment! Throughout we hoped we could stay true to billing the game as something that felt comfortable to play and make something eerie without trying to manipulate or frighten the player, so hearing this sort of thing really means a lot to us.

Thank you for giving the game a chance, especially given the vore warnings! We're really happy you still found it worthwhile and palatable!