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I love the aesthetics!! I havent played too far into the game but its a very nice idea! Good job!! 

i really liked this!! it's hard to find otome games that are set in post apocalyptic scenarios so this is right up my alley! i loved williams route! but i wish tristan had a route too, i looooove his design!!! good work!! 

congratulations omg!! cant wait to play it when i have some time!!! i have been a long time lurker and i just needed to say that im so happy for you and your family and this is such an achievement! its finally time to celebrate and enjoy!!!! congrats yaaaaay!!!!! 

how in the world did you get gideon emery to voice for your game aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

this is just what i had been looking for for so long! so charming and engaging, congratulations!!! i love it! and i love quest!!!!!!!!!!!

i also gasped at gideon emery holy shit!!!! so excited!!! and jonah is the perfect august for real!! 

If you need help translating or proofreading I can help for free! I would love to support you guys!

how do i scape jumpscare monster? the one who appears when everything gets dark, seriously i dont know!

awww this is so charming!!! i loved it! 

I found a bug! When it's time for urgl to move in the first battle, the game just won't keep going! help :(

is there a walkthrough of this game? the options are so many!!

Ah I remember now, I think the suggestion was to leave the girls route for the end of something like that haha.

Ok ok, you can date an ai, a cute boy and a cute girl, the music is superb, the aesthetics are on point and the overall story is very interesting! You need to get all routes endings if I recall correctly to access the true route or something like that, it's been a while since I played it but I will give it another go on account of finding it again. I play a lot of visual novels and otomes, and I don't usually remember them as much as I remember this one. I even made fanart of one of the characters! I truly think it's a must play, it's a quality game for free. If you need more endorsement than that let me know haha, I really hope you can give it a try and like it as much as I do! 

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hey! i think the art is pretty cute and a good idea! the whole profile stuff! but i cant get past the second time oz asks me to check the profile, is it supposed to do that?

was this made by ai? am i missing something? i dont understand

the names.... adam xDDD good job! very original haha 

its very charming! i enjoyed the multitasking but a couple well placed towers in the beginning made short work of everyone haha! I liked this game! 

the art is so cute! i wish there was a way to speed dialogue, and maybe save/load? but i liked it! everyone's design was so colorful, great!

will this have updates?

can you explain how to do this? i'd like to see the normal ending!

play it, i recommend it! 

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yeah im in love with the aaaarrrttttttttt, its a bit weird the flags are their skin but its not a bad thing haha, russia is best boy. I kinda want to see them older though, and you're a one man army haha, kudos !!

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Thank you so so much! And I realize I didn't leave an actual comment but I guess everyone has already said enough, this game is super awesome and it has made me feel things no other vn has in a while, thanks for this absolute masterpiece 🥰🥰

is there a guide on how to get all cgs? I'm missing one for Stan and it's killing meeee

so original! i really loved it!!! i was so frustrating when my crush wouldn't get it, i'm like dummy there's only so many hearts i can send before you notice hahaha, but that was what made it charming. Good game!

hey! i downloaded the game but everything seems to be too big for my screen? like i can't see the content, a shame since it looks like a charming game, and i love the options that appear on the shots haha.

hello! i tried your game but after i take a sip of whatever im drinking, i cant go any further :( eian is cute though!

im excited to see this game grow! ill try the demo soon but already loving the character designs!

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i really really REALLY enjoyed this... the writing is amazing, the art, the world, you feel a part of it very quickly through the natural interactions and simple explanations. The horror elements are handled so elegantly, things don't have to be nightmare fuel /jumpscares/ or super horrible imagery to be constantly upsetting. I read the warnings and though im not into vore, the second i saw yistol's teeth i knew it was that path, and i was gonna go there regardless xDDD overall, i really loved everything, good work!!!

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omg the protagonist is the best ever i sweat hahaha! I really enjoyed this game, but i've tried everything to get a goot ending with banshee and it doesnt work, any tips? or is there no happy ending?

i loved caleb's design, i need more!!! i liked this little intro, looking forward for the bigger story! i do wish the protagonist could be non binary though, but everything else was fine! 

I love the concept! I had to say I had a bit of a hard time with the jumping minigame but I got it in the end. Also a question, how do I get with Stephen? Is it a viable route? I'm just too bad at games hahaa. But good work! 

ahhh i see! any plans to add as an option for a final version? and you're welcome! i played many games today but this one definitely stood out, it's great :)

very charming!!

(spoilers ahead) NOO WTF why must you scare me after making me feel wholesome aaaaaaa, I almost didnt click one more time hahahah, good job with this game I really liked the interactions, and everyone has such a cute personality! And is there a reason we can't date the pan?

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The controls are a bit counter intuitive (or maybe im just stupid lmao) but the graphic design is so cute!

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this is literally me on my first d&d campaign, my bard charmed the pants off the enemies hhaahaha

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i loved the tracks! can you give me the names of them??