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Yo, Andrea, i made the fourth part (completed 8 nights so far and there are 6 left). I also read your reply to my last comment and mentioned in this video that you said this is NOT in fact, a FNaF fan made or inspired game. So, anyway, since there's 14 nights like you said, and i beat 2 nights per video, this is gonna be a 7 episodes let's play, so hope you're ready for the 3 videos that are left!

Without further ado, my video :

Enjoy! Bye!

Also note : you can notice that the thumbnail for this one is different from the other videos' thumbnails, that's because i started using this program called BeFunky to make professional thumbnails.


Alright! 👍
Thank you for including the FNaF clarification in the video. ;)
As always, looking forward for your next videos on TCBTW! :D
Bye! 👋