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Nothing is written in it.

Hey there! I made a thread asking for games to play on YouTube, and you replied and linked me to this game. When i tried to launch it, it says "failed to load game engine".

Thank you for your post, this visual novel sounds interesting, so i will record it and put my video in the comments. Thanks again!

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Made a fifth part!

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Hey there Nami! I just finished Clever Fox Moxie! Good as all the other games! 

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Hello there!

I'm a gaming YouTuber, and i'm looking for games to play on my channel, any genre will do, although the game you're suggesting must be a one that uses 2D graphics since my computer doesn't run 3D.  I wanna help the developers get noticed for their amazing games. So if you have a game, just reply to this thread.

Thank you.

OMG! Hey there! So you're on itch.io too? Cool! And you're gonna play this because of me? Thank you so much!

You're welcome! And good luck!

Hey there! Just made a first part of a let's play for this game. Just like "TWR" and "DA", this game was nice. I will continue it to the end!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

NOTE : I said in the video this game got released in the same day i recorded, but when i looked again i realized you just updated the page, sorry about that.

Hey Nami! I'm really enjoying this series so far! I also played Lonely Wolf Treat and left my video in the game page's comments! Now i also played Friendly Bunny Mochi right here :

Enjoy! Bye!

Hey Andrea! First off, i'm sorry it took me so long to get back to TCBTW, i don't know what happened. But anyway, i advise you to watch this short video here first :

I have some stuff explained in it.

Now the gameplay :


Thank you! You're welcome!

Hello there! I just made a video of this game and found it so good! It has a lot of potential...

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Hey there Nami! I just played Lonely Wolf Treat and found it so good! I liked the art style, the music, the story and all that good stuff! I can't wait to continue the series!

Oh by the way, i mean i played it on my channel, here it is :

Enjoy! Bye!

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Fourth part done! I'm still enjoying this game!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Philip, i just finished your game, it was really fun. Good work. All the videos in order:

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Hey there! I just played "Days Alone" and found it astonishing just like "The White Room", you remember when i played it? Anyway, this was worth doing, and the atmosphere was nice, i'm sorry if this video is too long and you can't watch it all. You should make more RPGMaker games you know, you got a good imagination.

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

NOTE : There's a webcam fail in this video lol...

I also wanna thank you for following me on itch.io!

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This one hour long third episode was fun to do! Hopefully you can watch the whole video, i got a lot of stuff done, and i just wanna say again how i love this game! That fourth wall breaks was hilarious to be honest. I also now have Sarah on my team, she's very cool!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Replied to starlit in Numina comments

I told you not to bother try to get me to fix it, it's completely fine. Don't worry.

Yo, Andrea, i made the fourth part (completed 8 nights so far and there are 6 left). I also read your reply to my last comment and mentioned in this video that you said this is NOT in fact, a FNaF fan made or inspired game. So, anyway, since there's 14 nights like you said, and i beat 2 nights per video, this is gonna be a 7 episodes let's play, so hope you're ready for the 3 videos that are left!

Without further ado, my video :

Enjoy! Bye!

Also note : you can notice that the thumbnail for this one is different from the other videos' thumbnails, that's because i started using this program called BeFunky to make professional thumbnails.

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For some reason, the updated game couldn't work, every time i press a button it closes on its own, so i'm just gonna continue it with the regular version. And don't annoy yourself by telling me how to fix it, it's completely fine. Anyway, bye!

Replied to starlit in Numina comments

Alright then! Thank you!

Replied to starlit in Numina comments

Oh, an update you say, okay cool, but i think i got pretty far in the demo. How does about 70 minutes gameplay sounds ? is that pretty far ? anyway, i'm really glad you enjoy my videos, it means the world to me. Anyway, when you tell me if i got pretty far in the demo or not, i will decide whether i'll get the update or not, cool ? Bye!

Posted in Numina comments

Just made the second part, it's longer than the first part, about 40 minutes. Anyway, i made them funny remarks you like, but Aura's death really got to me, and they say games can't effect you emotionally, i am right ? So i though i'll finish it in two parts but i was wrong, so i'll make that third part and hopefully that's it. Again, a very cool, nice game to play.

Without further ado, my video :

Enjoy! Bye!

Thank you so much for following me, man! I followed you too!

No problem, man. And about the game being in one room, i think it's kinda of obvious. Anyway thanks for the nice reply. Bye!

Really ? i didn't think you'd say so, thanks man, i mean i think at least the majority of who played this should've understood it like me, and believe me, i'm not always the "completely understood" type of person, i was just being myself. Anyway thanks for this nice reply. Bye!

Replied to starlit in Numina comments
(Edited 1 time)

Thanks man for the nice reply, really though, i was just being me, i'm quite sarcastic and/or joking type of guy, and about the intro characters, i really was confused, like you get in a game with no introduction to anyone or anything, of course you're gonna be confused, it's kinda of clear in my head now after thinking about it for a bit. Anyway, thanks again for the really nice reply, i'll come back with part 2 and even funnier remarks, haha, right now got other games to play, but i still will finish Numina. Goodbye!

Also note : that's not how "ambiguous" is spelled...

Oh hey Step, it's me, the person who recommended you to play this game!

Posted in Numina comments

Just made a first part of a let's play for this game, it's half an hour long, so sit back and enjoy the show! I can say that this game will be great when it gets fully released! Hope you finish it soon!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

I gave your game a try and found it very emotional and meaningful and deep, so i really liked it. It was a clever idea to have the game take place in one, single room, that's unique. Hope you end up making more.

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Oh, now that makes sense. Thanks man!

So Andrea, i said in this video that i was sick so i couldn't record but i'm back now.

10 nights? for real? why that number though?

It's kind of unique to make this and FNaF different from each other, so Andrea i had yet another great time recording this. It's great work you do, for real man.

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy the video like i enjoy your games! Bye!

Andrea, don't spoil too much, but how long does it take to beat that Night 5 ?

Also, do you play your games ?

And it seems like these days, i'm just making reasons to talk with you, haha. But you're good, man, you deserve it!

Thanks for answering. Peace.

That's kinda sad to hear that you're leaving for a while but i understand, you're a human being after all, so take the time you need and then came up with that next game whatever it is.Peace man.

Also glad you enjoyed the "rickroll" and thanks for understanding about the payment.

I'm always glad to play your games, man!

Peace, man.

Andrea, i'm back, sorry was not active, internet was gone and i had to pay to get it back. Anyway, i had TSTOYT downloaded for a while and i just played it, i don't know what it is. The game was cool, didn't get it much though, but enjoyed it nonetheless. I wanna also ask you to give me (at least, just like a guess) when you're releasing the next game, please ?

Without further ado, my video :

I wanna also note two things for you to put in mind before watching :

First : a little surprise is at the beginning of the video.

Second : there's that SBSP reference tho!

Hope you enjoy watching and keep them games coming man, i'll be always playing them. Peace

Actually, Andrea, another thing to tell you, i really want to actually like pay for the games but unfortunately i can't, you know, 13 years old no job and all that, but as soon as i am able to, i will pay.

Finally man. Peace.

Hey there! just made a video, but i'm sorry to say that i'm not gonna continue it though, it felt very long for some reason, although the game's info says "about a half-hour", anyway enjoyed it nonetheless, the art style, i really like pixel art style, the music, not my type but liked the beat, noir, liked that effect.It's pretty good.

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy it!

Also there's that 007 reference tho!

Okay, thanks for the info and really, i don't think it's that hard to have a YouTube channel and upload videos, you can have the time, choose the type of content you'll be uploading, i really enjoy them though, even if i'm not growing except slowly.

Thanks again! See you soon!

It's really really nice of you to say so, i'm more than happy to give you feedback about your amazing games! I don't really consider myself very smart, cool or famous, i'm just humble like you and i really hope you keep them games coming and hopefully gain a massive fanbase. About these YouTubers you mentioned, i've seen them and they really are cool too. Also that being said, i did beat Night 3 and 4 in TCBTW, her's the video :

These nights were really anxious (hence the title), but really enjoyed playing more.

You have a nice day, Andrea. Peace.

Also i wanna mention that you're possibly the only person i would accept to call me "young" or "kid", i usually hate being called like that, be proud for that haha!

Can you like, link me to it, like a download link ?

Also, just your opinion, what kind of connection we have at this point ?