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I read that you increased the cost of ingots. I have just got the game and I'm on day 8, I am still on the copper ingots as I am struggling to make much money. I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if something should be changed to make it a tiny bit quicker. I also read that you are supposed to get a lot of money if you give them the item quickly, if I give it to them instantly I still only get a max of 3 extra money.

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Be aware that there is a bug where sometimes you dont get paid for the ingot used in an item. Check the price of every sale... and for the time being do what i do, save after every good sale and alt+F4 if you get a bad sale and reload the game.

This could be the reason you dont seem to be making profit to advance. It only takes 1 or 2 bad sales per day to kill all profit.

Hi imperialfish! The ingot pricing is much steeper in the latest version. The profit you make on items you sell is a relatively small percentage markup from the cost, but as you get into the higher tiers, you will make more money. The developer knows that everyone has a different pace they'd like the game to play at. Some people thought the previous version was too easy (you'd usually be done by day 10-15 with no reason to keep making more money other than having a big number). Don't expect this pricing scheme to be set in stone, though, we're still in Alpha. Also, Dasius has been working on the idea of having the pricing tied to a difficulty setting so that players can enjoy the game at their own pace, but that's not implemented yet. Hope you're still enjoying the game even with the increased difficulty and Happy Smithing!

Wow, thanks for the quick reply! I agree that the old prices seem to make the game too easy, I was just recommending to the creator that it has been made a tad too steep. I feel like I might be close to the 2nd ingot though!

I just got up from copper ore to the next tier, made a great sword out of it, and didn't get paid anything for the ore. So back to square one.