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I can't get past the 6 digit code panel. theres no hints, no nothing 

hehe, there are clues. maybe its the scientist to setup the code, so if you were him, what is the code you would use? 

no seriously, I tried more than 60 combinations but none of them worked

Thank you for taking the time to try our game.

Little tip (don't read if you don't want "spoilers"):
we left only one screen where you can see numbers and from there hopefully extract the six digit code.

... I finally got the code but, I don't think the people playing this will get the code so easily. its really difficult 

hum.. thanks for your feedbacks... this game is in the Point & click adventure style, which often has way more difficult puzzle to solve. Games such as Myst. If it's too easy, it's less rewarding. I tried to make a very good design for the Drill room past the keycode, because I knew it was a bit difficult. Some of my friends got stuck on the keycode but after a while they came back to the game and when they found the answer they really feel good ;) What do you think? I was thinking to enable "hints" in the gme if the player is stuck, to give some help, kind of "easy" mode so to speak.

where? i couldn't find anything

Hint: inside a room you have to break the door to enter.

i tried all of the numbers that I could see/read inside of the bunks. Is it the stuff that is fading away? if so, i was unable to read it. 

check at the bottom of the screen, need to read, there are some numbers ;p


at the bottom of the post-it board? I can only see the top of it when i interact with it, not the bottom.

Can you leave here a link for a printscreen of what you are seeing on the post its? (ex. on a site like imgur)
Maybe you have encountered a bug where you are not seeing all the screen.

When you enter the room there are 9 notes on the board but when you interact with it you can see only 6.


Hello, This is not a bug, its normal, the information is on these six notes, pay attention and try to read them to find the solution for the keycode ;