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Hey Oates, I've been doing speedruns of this game and I hope you would answer some questions for me. What do the stats actually do? The only one I'm 100% sure about is Competence letting me ignore the broom damage from the cleanup encounters (at the cost of some text boxes) if it's 2 or more. The rest, I have 0 clue what their effect on fights is at all, but if I had to guess, they probably effect my crit rate or runaway chance or something right?

Also the fear level, what does that do?

And finally when does the in game timer stop and start? I don't think it's removing loads, although it's been shorter than my timer, but not by much.

I've gotten to a certificate in like 25 minutes and got all 5 in about an hour so far, but I made a mistake and did the ball pit on accident (bummer that it's skipable, it's a neat area since it's just one big monster) so that might be closer to 50 minutes. Here's the leaderboard: so far it's just me, but at least one of my friends might do some runs of it. Gonna submit it to gdq and see if they'll take it too.

Keep on being excellent, had fun with this one and nobody's home. Thanks for the help.

hey, awesome work with the speedrun!
Each of the stats (Prof, Competence, Fun) don't affect combat in any way. Each stat is used for stat checks in Wrong Turns for different obstacles (unopened giftboxes for example) and yield different results (rewards like food, ammo, etc). Fear Level functions the same, but chiefly with opened giftboxes (i believe above a certain level, you will always fight something)
You're also right with Competence letting you ignore broom dmg too as well as optional areas like the Playground and Freezer.
anyway, hope that all helps and good luck with the speedrunning!