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I got this in the bundle last year and on a whim I checked back and it updated to a remake? Is there a patch notes page showing what's been added or changed since the old version? I played it last year and I want to know if It's worth replaying on stream again or if it's gonna be too much of the same. Looks like a lot of new stuff added, but I like details.

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bruh have you seen how shitty most new steam games are? you can put anything up there lol

Are there more than the 3 enemy types or is there more to fight after day 5 that I dont know about? 

It just seemed like all there was to do was upgrade items at this point, but I could be wrong. Not sure if the town changes or whatever or something new happens after upgrades or not.

ok, the castle level is sick, the rest it's kinda too big for it's own good tbh. the water movement is fun too though. more levels like lvl 1 in the future, thanks.

thanks, I'm stupid and I dont know where the one in mushroom is at, help me please, I beg you, I am in constant suffering

how many rings are there? I wanna get the other ending

ok, so I made it to 3 am, but after beating both levels, no more levels show up. Is that the final level? Krusty krab and the giant plankton? 

If there's a medal requirement or something for other levels it's not clear.

this game's pretty great, but I have a few suggestions, which may have been done already since this version is old.

add more photos and more words to the pool for the movie generation, they're super good so far, there just needs to be more to reduce repeats and too much similarities. of course having more customer types than 3 would also be neat.

more time to do stuff, this is the busiest video store in history. I'm stuck at the front desk the whole time with the customers, maybe have a bit less of them. sometimes the line gets so big customers in the back will just leave. maybe add a video drop off slot so not everyone has to wait in line, also video stores had those.

keep it up, I like it so far 👍

I don't know how it happened, but the camera just kinda flipped and inverted my controls. Might have something to do with the game just flicking my mouse around randomly the entire time. was weird, thought it was supposed to do that at 1st lol.

there's references to like every indie horror game from the past year in here lol. also this is actually a brief game it turns out and not just a fancy trailer showcase.

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Hey Oates, I've been doing speedruns of this game and I hope you would answer some questions for me. What do the stats actually do? The only one I'm 100% sure about is Competence letting me ignore the broom damage from the cleanup encounters (at the cost of some text boxes) if it's 2 or more. The rest, I have 0 clue what their effect on fights is at all, but if I had to guess, they probably effect my crit rate or runaway chance or something right?

Also the fear level, what does that do?

And finally when does the in game timer stop and start? I don't think it's removing loads, although it's been shorter than my timer, but not by much.

I've gotten to a certificate in like 25 minutes and got all 5 in about an hour so far, but I made a mistake and did the ball pit on accident (bummer that it's skipable, it's a neat area since it's just one big monster) so that might be closer to 50 minutes. Here's the leaderboard: so far it's just me, but at least one of my friends might do some runs of it. Gonna submit it to gdq and see if they'll take it too.

Keep on being excellent, had fun with this one and nobody's home. Thanks for the help.

I was disappointed that I didnt find in the credits the name of that hot banger from the phonograph. What do they call that hootenanny jam?

Also I did the knock thing from the imgur image and nothing happened, not sure if it's 3 clicks cause each click does 5 knocks or 15 clicks, but whatever it was it didn't, you know what I mean. 

I see people post their videos in the comments of most decent games, but do people watch these? Like do they help people decide if the game is worth getting or not or is it just annoying?

I'll throw mine in this time, but yeah this game is great, pretty challenging, actually scary because it is very real, I had a really fun hour with it, then I beat it. Apparently the ??? options on the main menu will get updated later too, so maybe more game to come.

Is there something on the ??? sections of the main menu? I beat the game and had the whole speech at the end, but that didn't unlock anything.

I found the youtube link, I've found like most of the secret rooms (shoutout to updog), I've found the very tiny friend lady on the rafters, but I can't for the life of me find my best museum friend. Where's he hiding? I'm sure the painting in the key unlocked room is a hint, but like, I've checked all over the frog exhibit, even got on top of the blue thing in the fashion zone, but idk what to do.

Help pls · ◡ ·

oh wait, are you making it a full game or just updating the game jam version?

fuck yes more bleblco content

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I can link you the twitch vod if that helps, but all I did was walk down the stairs and loop 3 or 4 times

it's typically in the users section on your C drive. 

click C, your name (whatever you named your user on your PC), you may need to show hidden files for this, but go to the AppData folder, there should be 3 files: Local, LocalLow, and Roaming.

It can be on any one of those, usually the folder is named after the dev or the game. I haven't found it, but good luck.

Are you supposed to fall out of bounds and see the other staircase map out of bounds in Riverside Incident or is that a big ol' bug?

I was expecting a spook after walking that slow forever, but I wouldn't be surprised if falling into infinite blue was the prank mentioned in the opening text or lol there is no game is that prank. I went down those stairs like 4 or 5 times, then the door was just a crack open into blue nothingness and I walked through and fell forever.

Also Night Shift legitimately spooked me. Not sure if I was supposed to go back into the store after going outside, but I did and that might have made it scarier. I didn't even clean the bathroom, boss is going to be pissed.