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Thank you for making this video! We are sharing it on our social networks! And we are glad you appreciated Fleshforward :) we are working really hard to deliver a good game for everyone! Prepare for demo 2.0, with improvements and (maybe) some extra content!

Excellent, so far everything is going well.

thank you also for spotting some problems like that collision near the external fence of the P.D. parking area, and in particular that "deadly" tutorial near the end of the demo :D we definitely need to fix that up!

Yes but finding these is part of the fun, they are always funny to find and is entertaining for people to see strange things happen, especially if it nearly gets me killed :)

haha you're just that kind of player we love :D thanks again! We will keep you updated and remember to contact us at to get the full version of the game when ready so you can create more videos