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Tried on a Windows VM with Parallels Desktop since there is no more macOS build, but the mouse won’t move… 😕

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Played on native Windows and yay, I won! It was a little hard to understand exactly what I needed to do but after a bit of fiddling I could move the robot, scan the terrain, retrieve sample and do that again and again until I find a nice sample.

The time wasn’t passing by though, I was stuck at workday #8 18:30, is that normal? I think the point is to have a limited number of days to work with, right? Although losing the game like that would have been a bit frustrating to me, I liked making a few mistakes and not counting every instruction’s battery consumption to fully optimize my programs, I took my time to experiment and roll around the map.

Thanks for the game, really nice, ambiance and sounds are great!

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Yeah, idea was that you'd have 14 days of 8h hours (allowing you only 4 SNDs per day), but we didn't manage to implement that mechanic on time for the jam. Maybe for the better, could be pretty frustrating to lose the game due to time limit.