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I really enjoyed my time playing, thank you from France! A few bugs here and there that don’t make the experience bad at all. 🙂

The difference in resolution between different assets felt a bit weird to me, why did you chose to do boxes completly without pixel art for example? Have you tried with pixel art style and it didn’t worked? I’m curious.

Also, have you drawn everything by hand? Or are some assets from somewhere else with pixel art effects applied? I’m thinking of the elevator’s wooden panels for example.

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Played on native Windows and yay, I won! It was a little hard to understand exactly what I needed to do but after a bit of fiddling I could move the robot, scan the terrain, retrieve sample and do that again and again until I find a nice sample.

The time wasn’t passing by though, I was stuck at workday #8 18:30, is that normal? I think the point is to have a limited number of days to work with, right? Although losing the game like that would have been a bit frustrating to me, I liked making a few mistakes and not counting every instruction’s battery consumption to fully optimize my programs, I took my time to experiment and roll around the map.

Thanks for the game, really nice, ambiance and sounds are great!

Tried on a Windows VM with Parallels Desktop since there is no more macOS build, but the mouse won’t move… 😕

Looks cool! Discovered it here. :-)


Everything works with my Turnigy i6s so the set up is good, and you don't really need a USB dongle with Taranis radios because of the mini-USB port, it's automatically recognized as an HID device. It's detected by my Mac and works great with other software asking you which input controller you want to use (crrcsim for example). Freerider just doesn't seem to want to choose it, it's weird…

Nothing else is plugged in and no custom USB driver is installed. I'll try with other Mac, but it's really weird considering it works flawlessly with a Turnigy i6s.

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I saw other people got my problem. I run macOS 12.10.5 and my Taranis Q X7, although being recognized by macOS and usable with other apps where you can choose which controller you want to use, is not recognized in FPV FreeRider at all. Circles don't move and I have no idea what to do. My Turnigy-i6s works fine in comparison.

Do you know what is going on? Thanks!