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Loved that game on the Ouya!

Too bad it's not on Steam, it would be a great addition to my local multiplayer games collection. 😋

Great to see the development is continuing, what a cute and fun game! 😃

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Fantastic! The atmosphere is very soothing, the visuals nicely balanced and simple in a way that does not overwhelm the player. The puzzles are also balanced in a pleasantly challenging way without making them impossible to complete.

The controls feel just how they should: simple and intuitive, yet they make for some tricky and challenging moves thanks to the lighting-enemy concept.

Playing this game reminds me of some great memories I have playing Super Meat Boy and Thomas Was Alone back when I was a kid, and what a pleasure it is to feel this way again on a new game with new mechanics! Thanks! ❤️

Had to do a “chmod +x ./\ Rewind” in order for the game to launch on macOS Catalina.

Let me fire up my Quest!

Not Catalina compatible… 🥺

Is a 64-bit build possible?

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Congrats on winning the jam!

The game won’t work on macOS, I did the usual `chmod +x ./Tread\` to make it run, but then it just crashes on launch with that error message (will delete this when fixed):

[0610/] execvp /Users/gildev/Downloads/Tread_Carefully_mac/Tread Framework.framework/Versions/83.0.4103.61/Helpers/chrome_crashpad_handler: Permission denied (13)
0   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117cbef89 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 15333545
1   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117be6fb3 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14448851
2   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117bfbb0b v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14533675
3   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117bfcafc v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14537756
4   nwjs Framework                      0x00000001191cb005 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 37402917
5   nwjs Framework                      0x00000001191c5ab5 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 37381077
6   nwjs Framework                      0x00000001191c491f v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 37376575
7   nwjs Framework                      0x000000011a15b71d v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 53723197
8   nwjs Framework                      0x000000011a15b983 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 53723811
9   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000113dbfcd7 ChromeMain + 6871
10  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000113dc02eb ChromeMain + 8427
11  nwjs Framework                      0x00000001174f07fe v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 7147806
12  nwjs Framework                      0x000000011a5ffaa5 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 58590149
13  nwjs Framework                      0x00000001174f0038 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 7145816
14  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000113dbe317 ChromeMain + 279
15  nwjs                                0x0000000109fff39f main + 287
16  libdyld.dylib                       0x00007fff68d8d7fd start + 1
[0610/] ReadExactly: expected 8, observed 0
[27733:775:0610/] Network service crashed, restarting service.
[27733:775:0610/] Network service crashed, restarting service.
[27733:36099:0610/] GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye.
0   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117cbef89 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 15333545
1   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117be6fb3 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14448851
2   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117bfbb0b v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14533675
3   nwjs Framework                      0x000000011550815a ChromeMain + 24420186
4   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000115505cbe ChromeMain + 24410814
5   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000115504a0f ChromeMain + 24406031
6   nwjs Framework                      0x000000011550f970 ChromeMain + 24450928
7   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000115304df3 ChromeMain + 22309875
8   nwjs Framework                      0x000000011537d743 ChromeMain + 22803779
9   nwjs Framework                      0x000000011537d9ec ChromeMain + 22804460
10  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117c525db v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14888699
11  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117c66c7e v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14972318
12  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117c66a10 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14971696
13  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117ceb1f4 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 15514388
14  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117c67204 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14973732
15  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117c32305 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 14756901
16  nwjs Framework                      0x000000011532d964 ChromeMain + 22476644
17  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117c8705a v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 15104378
18  nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117ccb7a7 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 15384775
19  libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x00007fff68f91e65 _pthread_start + 148
20  libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x00007fff68f8d83b thread_start + 15
Task trace:
0   nwjs Framework                      0x000000011537d622 ChromeMain + 22803490
1   nwjs Framework                      0x000000011537d170 ChromeMain + 22802288
2   nwjs Framework                      0x00000001159325da ChromeMain + 28787674
3   nwjs Framework                      0x0000000117e608d6 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap(v8::internal::Heap*) + 17043958
4   nwjs Framework                      0x00000001159325da ChromeMain + 28787674
Task trace buffer limit hit, update PendingTask::kTaskBacktraceLength to increase.
zsh: trace trap
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I really enjoyed my time playing, thank you from France! A few bugs here and there that don’t make the experience bad at all. 🙂

The difference in resolution between different assets felt a bit weird to me, why did you chose to do boxes completly without pixel art for example? Have you tried with pixel art style and it didn’t worked? I’m curious.

Also, have you drawn everything by hand? Or are some assets from somewhere else with pixel art effects applied? I’m thinking of the elevator’s wooden panels for example.

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Played on native Windows and yay, I won! It was a little hard to understand exactly what I needed to do but after a bit of fiddling I could move the robot, scan the terrain, retrieve sample and do that again and again until I find a nice sample.

The time wasn’t passing by though, I was stuck at workday #8 18:30, is that normal? I think the point is to have a limited number of days to work with, right? Although losing the game like that would have been a bit frustrating to me, I liked making a few mistakes and not counting every instruction’s battery consumption to fully optimize my programs, I took my time to experiment and roll around the map.

Thanks for the game, really nice, ambiance and sounds are great!

Tried on a Windows VM with Parallels Desktop since there is no more macOS build, but the mouse won’t move… 😕

Looks cool! Discovered it here. :-)


Everything works with my Turnigy i6s so the set up is good, and you don't really need a USB dongle with Taranis radios because of the mini-USB port, it's automatically recognized as an HID device. It's detected by my Mac and works great with other software asking you which input controller you want to use (crrcsim for example). Freerider just doesn't seem to want to choose it, it's weird…

Nothing else is plugged in and no custom USB driver is installed. I'll try with other Mac, but it's really weird considering it works flawlessly with a Turnigy i6s.

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I saw other people got my problem. I run macOS 12.10.5 and my Taranis Q X7, although being recognized by macOS and usable with other apps where you can choose which controller you want to use, is not recognized in FPV FreeRider at all. Circles don't move and I have no idea what to do. My Turnigy-i6s works fine in comparison.

Do you know what is going on? Thanks!