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Was this made in RPG Maker VX Ace? Or RPG Maker MV?


vx ace!

Well have you ever wanted it to come to MacOS or mobile? IF you'd like to I can help with that. I have experience with RPG Maker MV and I helped with the development of New Home + which is on my page. So if you'd like to discuss this more we can by facebook or any other IM? For privacy you know?

thanks but porting to mv would require me to redraw all the tiles, which is more effort than i'm willing to put forth at this time. i'd rather make the rest of the series before worrying about porting it and keeping all the versions current.

We can still give it a try at least. A little test really. Besides, I would handle putting it all together and making sure it works. So if all that needs to be done is redrawn tile sets, that might not be much of a problem. But if the next entry was made in MV, and used the same tile sets as the others, that would makes things go by faster.

But still, it can't hurt to at least test out an MV port now can it? I'd handle putting it together, so you won't need to worry about that. And if you would want me to help with bringing the series to MV, I'd gladly do so. And even mobile!

So go on and think about trying a test run to see how it works out. To make sure that it's playable at least.

i've looked into this stuff a bit myself, and if i upres the tiles i'd have to redo all the character sprites as well... it's just not something i'm interested in doing. i'd rather remake the whole thing from the ground up in gamemaker since i've wanted to learn how to use that program anyway. thanks again for offering though, it's very kind of you.

You're welcome. And if you want to port the series to MV in the future, I'd be glad to help in that. So good luck!