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Man! That looks super dope! Please do send your thoughts! Did you run Ex Novo solo?

I've already collected a bunch and as said, we're planning to revisit the rules later this month. Just want to collect some feedback first.


Hi Martin, thanks but it's just a humble first try! :-) No I didn't go solo: we were with my wife and her daughter (15 yo). They are not found of indy/board-games like I am, but do appreciate some 'mainstream', classical or simple/middle complex board-games (Mah-Jong, Takenoko, Scrabble to name a few). The interesting thing is that they both appreciated the process of creation, despite the fact that the game is rather low paced and that there are no competitive goals. All in all, we had a great time building this together. I'll write you an email with my thoughts. Again, congratulations for this great piece of work!