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Nice work! You did a good job introducing each new mechanic in a controlled environment.

Small critique: I didn't like having to use the mouse every time I died/finished a level considering the entire rest of the game was played using the keyboard. I think it would have been better to just press a button to restart. It also seemed that I wouldn't get the option to restart until I had stopped moving, which took a long time when I'm getting pummeled by turrets.

There were a few little polish things that bothered me. For example it looks like the particle effect is proportional to your velocity and not proportional to your fuel usage.

The overall concept is solid! Just a few screws to tighten up here and there.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I didn't even think about doing the reset based on a key press until you said it. The button only shows up when you're not moving, yeah. I fixed one bug but it ended up causing that one and I didn't realize it until after I submitted. Thanks for all the feedback, hopefully I can make a better thing next time!