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Hello, first of all, thank you for the really enjoyable game. I saw Mr. Fruit playing this game, thought it was fun, gave it a try, and now I love it.

That being said, on 0.0731, I've found an interesting bug. If you were to accidentally create a dagger, and have it resting near the customers (I did that as a reminder that I have a spare dagger, so not to make another one) but anyway, if you have an item resting near the customer, and they ask for something else, eg: a greatsword. There are cases where when you try to hand them the greatsword, they grab the dagger instead. They pay for the dagger as if they were purchasing a dagger, but then you're left with a greatsword instead of a dagger.

also, sometimes customers don't pay for the material. Last night I made a tin greatsword, and was only paid $20 for it, as they didn't recognize the tin large blade.

Thank you for the game, though it tends to give me headaches when playing for hours at a time.


*edit: Changed 0.073 to 0.0731

I also had that happen if you load up the counter with other items, they will take one of them. Not game breaking just interesting. I have a video on it my little blacksmith shop ep 39