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Are these under terms which would be compatible with inclusion in something like the Debian Linux package repository?

(Debian requires that everything served up be under a proper free/libre/open-source license and all definitions of free-as-in-freedom or open-source software prohibit restrictions on redistribution or discrimination against fields of endeavour, even on pieces chopped out of another package to be reused, relying on attribution requirements and, optionally, ShareAlike requirements to prevent bad actors from trying to sell free stuff. That means that "You can't redistribute or resell these on their own" restrictions are a deal-breaker.)

I ask because I'm going through, assembling a collection of suitable game assets... and that question applies to all of your creations that I've looked at so far. They're all very nice and I'd love to have them on my list.

(Generally, Libre licenses make attribution mandatory (eg. the CC-BY) to balance out the requirement to allow redistribution, but some of the people already on my list cared about making attribution optional enough that they went with the nuclear option and used something like the CC0 to release their work into the public domain, irrevocably giving up their rights to dictate what happens to them.)

Hi, I have made the licensing of the work more clear, hope that answers your question. I believe the license was already visible under the "More information" tab.

Thanks for that. I'm about to go (back) to bed, but I'll add them to my list after I wake up.

As for the license being under "More information", if it was there before, that's my bad. I've looked through so many listings and never seen any evidence that putting the license info in there was even an option that I probably allowed myself to get complacent.