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Aww! Thanks, glad you like it.

Hi, I have made the licensing of the work more clear, hope that answers your question. I believe the license was already visible under the "More information" tab.

Hello, sorry for a late response. Yes, you're free to use them for a mod or a game, commercial or otherwise.

Jesus Christ. The twist got me. Good Job.

Thanks for using it! I checked out the game too, I loved it. Great Work!

Thanks LMAO

Bob comments · Replied to Joe in Bob comments

Aww! Very Nice! I love it. And thank you for using him.

Aww, thanks, means a lot.

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Yes, it contains a sword, shield, bow, axe, hammer, staff, scythe and a dagger icon of 8 different style.

Hey! Thanks for the lovely words! I tried your game too, Loved it!

Hey there! You're free to use them to make whatever you want, commercial or free  : )

Credit would be nice but is not necessary.

Thanks you, follow me on Twitter for more of my stuff :D

Thank You, Stay tuned for more :D

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Hi, I'll do that from now on. If you use this somewhere and want to use it just my twitter tag would be fine, Thank You for the suggestion. :)

Thank You, I'll do it now :)

Hello, first of all, Great work, I loved this tile set!

I wanted to make my first tile set so I tried to make something similar to yours, I would love it if you could check it out! Thanks!

Thank you for the lovely comment!

Stay tuned for more.

Wow! The tutorials are amazing!

I loved them a lot, Especially the one with the motion blur, Keep up the good work.

I'm certainly interested, It sounds fun, Is there any email ID where I can contact you for further details?

Wow, I really like it, Great work man. You just got yourself a follower, Keep up the good work.

The animations are really cool, also do you have a cheers obsession?

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely work on them in the future.

You just got yourself a follower

I was shocked to see this free, I downloaded it in seconds and I wasn't disappointed.

Everyone of them were great.

Looking forward to what you post next.