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Hello, I looked into it and it seems that USD wasn't my primary currency on paypal, I've made USD my primary currency now.

Is there a chance that that might've had something to do with the failed transaction ?

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Hi, I'll do that from now on. If you use this somewhere and want to use it just my twitter tag would be fine, Thank You for the suggestion. :)

Hello, I initiated a payout nearly 2 weeks ago and it's still in the 'in review' state.

Is it normal? or am I doing something wrong? Also how long does it normally take to complete the process.

Thank You

Hello, So, a few months ago I sold an asset of mine for 1 dollar and due to some bug of some sort I was able to initiate the payout even though I was not supposed to, so the problem is that the taxes and other stuff already got deducted from the 1 dollar and it's still on my payout screen, but recently I sold another one and now the total amount that I can claim will finally be above 1 dollar, so my question is when I initiate the payout will the taxes be deducted from the total amount? or just from the amount I got recently because taxes from the first 1 dollar is already deducted?

Thank You.

Thank You for the quick reply, I still have a question, What if the amount I have is more than 1 dollar but the taxes make it less than 1 dollar, then will it work?

Hello, I am very new to this, so, I apologize if I am getting something wrong.

Anyways, I am 16 too, and I received my first payment a few months ago but it was canceled because of the issue with the tax information, so my brother, who is 18+ filled the tax information and stuff, after that I initiated the payout again but it's been 31 days since I initiated that and it is still in "Paying" status, Is this normal? Thank You

Thank You, I'll do it now :)

Hello, first of all, Great work, I loved this tile set!

I wanted to make my first tile set so I tried to make something similar to yours, I would love it if you could check it out! Thanks!

Thank you for the lovely comment!

Stay tuned for more.

Wow! The tutorials are amazing!

I loved them a lot, Especially the one with the motion blur, Keep up the good work.

I'm certainly interested, It sounds fun, Is there any email ID where I can contact you for further details?

Wow, I really like it, Great work man. You just got yourself a follower, Keep up the good work.

The animations are really cool, also do you have a cheers obsession?

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely work on them in the future.

You just got yourself a follower

I was shocked to see this free, I downloaded it in seconds and I wasn't disappointed.

Everyone of them were great.

Looking forward to what you post next.