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Hey! Just my Twitter ID(@thewisehedgehog) in the credits for the background will do.

Ofcourse! You're free to use it in your game.

Yes, they are.

Sure, I can do that, can you add me in Discord at @TheWiseHedgehog9956 or in Twitter at @thewisehedgehog, so we can discus it further.

Let me know if you want to discus it in some other platform.

Thanks for using it! and checked out your game too, it's pretty cool!

Aww, keep trying, the important part is not giving up.

Anyway, look up "MortMort" and "Pedro Medeiros", some stuff from them helped me a lot and they might help you too. Good Luck.

Love it! Thanks for using it.

You're free to use it in your project, commercial or otherwise, for more info just look at the licensing.


Thank you.

Thank you!

Yes, why wouldn't it be? It's just a png file with all the icons.

Hello, I am glad that you like it. I am certainly interested, could we discuss it further in the DMs? My twitter account is @thewisehedgehog and my discord account is TheWiseHedgehog#9956. If either of those are not comfortable to you then do let me know of some alternative method. Thank You.

Aww! Thanks, glad you like it.

Hi, I have made the licensing of the work more clear, hope that answers your question. I believe the license was already visible under the "More information" tab.

Hello, sorry for a late response. Yes, you're free to use them for a mod or a game, commercial or otherwise.

Jesus Christ. The twist got me. Good Job.

Thanks for using it! I checked out the game too, I loved it. Great Work!

Thanks LMAO

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Aww! Very Nice! I love it. And thank you for using him.

Aww, thanks, means a lot.

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Yes, it contains a sword, shield, bow, axe, hammer, staff, scythe and a dagger icon of 8 different style.

Hey! Thanks for the lovely words! I tried your game too, Loved it!

Hey there! You're free to use them to make whatever you want, commercial or free  : )

Credit would be nice but is not necessary.

Thanks you, follow me on Twitter for more of my stuff :D

Thank You, Stay tuned for more :D

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Hi, I'll do that from now on. If you use this somewhere and want to use it just my twitter tag would be fine, Thank You for the suggestion. :)

Thank You, I'll do it now :)

Hello, first of all, Great work, I loved this tile set!

I wanted to make my first tile set so I tried to make something similar to yours, I would love it if you could check it out! Thanks!

Thank you for the lovely comment!

Stay tuned for more.

Wow! The tutorials are amazing!

I loved them a lot, Especially the one with the motion blur, Keep up the good work.

I'm certainly interested, It sounds fun, Is there any email ID where I can contact you for further details?

Wow, I really like it, Great work man. You just got yourself a follower, Keep up the good work.

The animations are really cool, also do you have a cheers obsession?

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely work on them in the future.

You just got yourself a follower

I was shocked to see this free, I downloaded it in seconds and I wasn't disappointed.

Everyone of them were great.

Looking forward to what you post next.