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*** Spoiler Alert***

Got stuck on the clown. I can see the stars and I try to open the box on the wall based on the stars but it doesn't open. Wondering if it's a bug that it's not opening.

Hello, there should be no bug. But did you open the box once and now you are looking on the inside box buttons or the box looks not open ?For each scenario you have: a solution but  there is nothing to do with the stars from the sky.
Thanks for playing the game!

***Spoiler Alert***

I clicked the buttons corresponding to the clowns outfit where the stars are. Top right and bottom I believe. The box won't open. Maybe I have it wrong.

(If box not opened)Find two light-switches in the room>flip them to open the pipes on the shower. See the code for the box. open the box. Click on the non-star marked buttons. Figure out an order for those 3 buttons. :) Hope it helps...If not you can check  video walk-trough from the tube.