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This was so worth waiting for. I have absurd heart eyes, just like that one great Vine, mf.

I'm absolutely in love with literally all of the Sherwood LIs and as I said on tumblr, I am going to campaign mercilessly to get Layton Tuck as DLC when you eventually get to KS.

Just gorgeous work all around folks! Congratulations; I can't wait to see what's next.


The good news is that Layton Tuck is fully planned as one of two routes in a standalone DLC (the second route is a secret to everyone).  The DLC itself won't even be a Kickstarter stretch goal, but we'll probably have some kind of stretch goal related to it (free to backers at x amount raised or something).


Well that utterly makes my night!!! I am here for the disreputable ginger druid.