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I LOVED Robin's route, and he was the person I was least excited about from the demo. (No shade, just the least my type.) Great storytelling, wonderful art. I'm interested in trying other decisions, but trying not to binge everything at once.

Will pine for Geoffrey, but that will make it all the sweeter in the end.

I'm so, so excited about this! Currently can't comment on things on tumblr or I'd be squeeing all over the place there. <3

Hurray!!! I'm really excited. Thanks Esh, congrats on finishing the last route!

Heck yeah! Takes me from a maybe to definite backer. Thanks folks!

Holy moly, you're killing it lately Esh! So excited to play this one. 


I'm sad, but thanks for letting us know! (I hope you change your mind someday, because I really liked this demo.)

So exciting! And it will be so perfect right before Halloween.

Aw, sweet! I saw that, but I forgot it by the time I got to the end of the first bit. I'll go look at that as soon as I'm off work then. :)

Was there a Meramec Caverns billboard before?! I may have just overlooked it the first time, but that little detail is just perfect. If you have time, can you explain what's extended? This demo seems to end in the same place as it did a year ago? Still very excited for it.

This is really, really cute. I like the mechanics a lot too. In this demo, it seems like we're leaving for college, but the synopsis makes it sound like our job is new. Does the main game take place prior to the demo?

I'm looking forward to further updates and more Gabe! <3

You guys, I'm so excited about the upcoming patch. I knew you were working on it, so I didn't want to complain but the gameplay was a stumbling block for me. I'm so, so happy you were willing to put in the heaps of work necessary to overhaul stuff. <3

Well that utterly makes my night!!! I am here for the disreputable ginger druid.

This was so worth waiting for. I have absurd heart eyes, just like that one great Vine, mf.

I'm absolutely in love with literally all of the Sherwood LIs and as I said on tumblr, I am going to campaign mercilessly to get Layton Tuck as DLC when you eventually get to KS.

Just gorgeous work all around folks! Congratulations; I can't wait to see what's next.

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I think the jostling is fine; it wasn't that distracting for me. I like it as a reaction to being startled quite a bit. Since we rarely see MC's face, it works really well to show that surprise. 

I prefer Tumblr personally. I like Discord, but in active communities, there's a lot of off topic discussion that can be hard to sort through if you're just looking for information. It can be really useful in building a community around the game though.

Based on what I've seen from interactive fiction development blogs on Tumblr though, be prepared for a rash of Thirsty asks, lol.

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I've stayed up much too late reading this, but I couldn't bear to put it down. It's significantly longer than anticipated, which is wonderful.

I'm really impressed by how well the facial animations are implemented; it gives a lot more nuance to the characters.

I love getting to shape my Miss Fernside. It's a good balance between getting to choose her character and being a blank slate. I also like how three dimensional your characters are. I don't feel like there are any outright villains. Maybe that Mrs. Foster.

Personally, I'm very much angling for the nice older gentleman that respects you. Although I will eventually play all the routes, he's definitely Number One. 

Do you folks have a tumblr blog perchance? I'm following you on here, but I don't personally find itch to be great for interacting. 

There's totally a list of social media above. Oh well, at least there's an edit button.

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I spent several hours playing the demo last night and I'm in love with it! The combat is easy to understand but not easy (for me at least) to master, which is a good thing. (Stupid undead, I'm going to learn how to block your attacks one of these days.)

I really like the entire aesthetic and art direction. I didn't encounter any bugs while playing in V5.

Looking forward to the Kickstarter! :)

I finally had time to play the demo and I LOVE it.  The atmosphere is so creepy and great but without causing anxiety.  I have thoughts about the why of the spires and I'm looking forward to seeing if I'm even remotely correct.  Excited to meet the other characters too.  :)

(Also I may have just spent a long time looking at records of mining that could fit the "I just drove through Perryville" description to try and mentally decide where I would put your fictional town...)  

Huzzah!  Thanks for the reply and I will check out the demo.  :)

I haven't even downloaded the demo yet and I'm excited!  If at any point you want to add details about mining in Missouri, I'm your gal!  

Hi!  I'm not sure if I'm just jumping the gun, but unless I'm just being extra dense today (very possible) there isn't actually a demo posted?  

The concept sounds interesting.  Is the gentleman in the art a love interest?  This one hopes so!  :)  Kudos to the artist, as it's very well done.  

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I love it so far!  It's very well written, and I'm excited to see where you take us.  

Edit: Levi is best boi.  

This is delightful. Also, I wish it had existed back when I took invertebrate paleontology. :)