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is it normal that i cant install it on mobile ? its a '''' fil

It's zipped to reduce file size. You have to unzip the file first, you should be able to install the apk-file inside the folder. Sorry, if that wasn't clear enough, I'm going to add a description to the download. Just give me a note, if there are any further problems.

it could be usefull to explain how to do it in the description cause none of my application can unzip it

thanks again

If your phone doesn't already have a file manager installed, you can get the app 'Files by google' in the playstore, this should be able to open it. To not make things more complicated I have replaced the file with an unzipped one for now, so you just have to download and install it. Hope this works! :3

thanks for the advice, but i found another way to get it by unziping the file in my pc before putting it in my phone

thanks anyway :3