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hey, i run the 0.8 version and im stuck, i miss one scene :( i checked every room but i dont find the 666 room like i saw in the comment, can you give me a hint like location of where should i start searching ? its the scene between gargoyle and asseating champion in the cam, thnks in advance

Good Job I followed you on twitter :)

did you made it with bronze and steel ? i work metal so i'm kinda interested in your art piece

thanks for the advice, but i found another way to get it by unziping the file in my pc before putting it in my phone

thanks anyway :3

it could be usefull to explain how to do it in the description cause none of my application can unzip it

thanks again

is it normal that i cant install it on mobile ? its a '''' fil

spoiler alert

is there more than just one nsfw scene ? i'm trying everything and its only the first date with garreth

btw the art is incredible and the story is relly good

a really good job here, its the best novel I read so far, hope y'a continue to make such a good job like this Echo !