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This game is more like proof of concept of player controller. There is nothing to do inside this game. There is no objective, there are no interesting locations. All you see on screen is you, white background and green maze. There are no enemies. Sure, it fits Easy Jam theme, but this game is boring and not fun to play. I don't like this game. You could add some puzzles to make it much more interesting. Or coins to collect in given time or robotic parts. Anything that would game more fun. I don't want to be harsh, I just wanted to give you honest feedback. I hope that game gave you some ideas how to develop games that are much more fun to play.

I think player controls you developed are nice and you should use them in your future projects. Wall sliding, jet pack, double jump are all implemented, they work well and you just need to use them to your advantage in next game(s).

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Thanks for feedback! Actually I released a debug build by accident, previously you had to collect all the powerups one by one like in metroidvanias.
Anyways, I'm happy you liked the controls, I worked a lot on them)
That means I don't suck at making platformers in general :)