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Hey Isabella, 
I'm writing again with a bug report and separate questions and requests. Loving the work on this plugin (and I see you released another minimap plugin recently as well! Might check that out in the future).

The bug request is is regarding the LOWER RIGHT TILE on the map. It never ever registers on the map no matter how much I squeeze into that corner of the map while exploring.

Here's a screenshot (my player character in this test map has not graphics so it's invisible):

Besides that I was wondering if you'd consider adding a plugin parameter for just exploring the one tile the player stands on instead of the 8 surrounding tiles as well (for a total of 9) as it's currently set up?

Also, I assume you store the data for the explored map somewhere in the plugin? Would it be possible to add a plugin command that I can put in a conditional branch to check if a certain % of a map has been explored or not? It's not a crucial feature for me but it could unlock some cool possibilities with side quests, tutorials and such.

An then the last question. Is the "Toggle Key" (as set up in a plugin parameter) only supposed to toggle whether the minimap registers new tiles or not (as it that's what it currently does?)
It wasn't super well explained so I thought it was a key to toggle whether the minimap would be visible or not, but that was not the case. No big deal for me either way, but if it works as intended, maybe the description of this plugin parameter could be improved?


Hi BearNovels, sorry for the late reply, i was very busy  so couldn't answer you until now.

The bugs has been fixed, and the feature you asked has been added (minimap won't be hidden was a bug)


Thank you, and no problem!

I’ll check it out as soon as possible and let you know if I find anything else that needs fixing (hopefully not).