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That's great to hear. I am looking forward to it!

I noticed this is the only pack out of the three currently available packs that only supports TileD (no RM pre-sets). Will you consider adding those in an update?

Thanks for the reply. I really like this style so I'll make a purchase and see how I like working with them. Looking forward to more matching sets (especially characters) in the future~!

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Is all the animated tiles here set up for a 3 frame animation, or is there more frames?

Also, will you be making character sprites in the same style?

No problem. Thanks you for your quick reply.

Hello Pita.

I've previously bought all three packs in this set and I love the style. It's very unique and has a ton of charm.

I'm wondering though, do you plan to expand on this and create more sets in the same style any time soon? And/or, do you perhaps take commissions and if so, what are your rates? 


Hello Ansimuz,

This background is fantastic, but I have a question. While browsing your creator page here on it doesn't seem to be listed amongst your other items? I knew I had seen it before so I had to google your name: "" to find it again. Is it intentional that it's not listed on your creator page for some reason? If so, what about the other environment backgrounds/battle backgrounds/parallaxes that you've made (like this one: that I also can only find though googling?

I guess I'm asking if these are supposed to be up or if it's something you had deleted. Since I'm interested in using some of these for my (commercial) game, I'd like to be sure that I'd be allowed to do so.

Also out of curiosity, would you consider doing commissions for other custom environmental backgrounds in the same style?

Very nice. Any more of these animation packs planned in the near future?

Okay, no worries. Just knowing you'll make them all (eventually) is reassuring enough for me. You've had a decent tempo up until now too so I'm not that worried.

Hello Thomas,

Do you plan to convert this icon pack to a 16x16 format as well? There are some unique icons in here which I'd love to use for the UI in my game but since I'm using your 16x16 standard I'd have to hope for a convertion?

Aha! They're from WOLF editor, I thought they looked a little familiar. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction~!

Very nice tileset.

What about the sprites that can be seen in the example screen shots? They look a lot like your 32x32 characters but I'd assume they wouldn't fit well with these 16x16 tiles?

Have you made 16x16 sprites to fit this tileset in the past that are available somewhere?

Thank you.

Thank you. Yes I actually came across a typo in the "fishing" set. it was about halfway down the list but I can't remember exactly which one since I thought it was a minor thing and just corrected it myself. It was a missplaced "space" that resulted in the last letter of a word mergin with the next word instead. Minor stuff.

Having the description and names for each icon actually helps a lot in figuring out what to use them for so it's a really nice bonus I'd have to say.

I'll say it again, I love these new 16x16 iterations of your 24x24 icons! Looking forward to the set with skills and status effects!

Also, would you mind if I used some of the names and explanatory descriptions you've included in the .rtf file that comes with each set? When I read some of them they're totally "on point" and while I could rewrite them in my own words, it seems a bit redundant to do so.

That being said, if you DO mind, I'll not copy paste anything from there. Wouldn't do so without your approval.

Also.. when I download I can only access Version 1? Where's the Version 2?

I love these! I'm curious though, what background is that you are using in the second screenshot and where can I get it (and others like it?)

Aaaw, that’s a shame. I think this new ”Adventure pack” is your best asset pack yet,and I hope you expand on it with some critters and heck... maybe some more tile variation (desert/tundra enviroments with matching houses) too! 

Right now, there is only enough for a small rougelike game I think, but the tiles that do exist are really good and I had ni problem converting most of them to a 3 frame animation standard.

I’ll play around with this and make some kind of game for sure!

Actually, there is one more thing I’d like to know.

is the hero sprite in this pack compatible in style and format with the creatures In your”Heroic Asset Series:  Creatures” pack? They do look somewhat similar.

Thank you,  that's all I wanted to know.
If it's a 4 frame standard I can hopefully convert it to 3 with little effort. 

I'd like to know how many frames the animated tiles and characters has in this pack? Do they use more then 3 frame animations and if so, would it be easy to convert the graphics to a 3 frame animation cycle?

I’d be super happy to see all of your 24x tiles converted to this size. 

I’m also very happy to see the heavily reduced price. Is that because the 16x tiles takes a lot less time to do and/or because the design is already made so they are more edits of your already existing work?

I already own some of your 24x icons (and will buy a few more), but if your 16x icons keep this pricing I’ll buy EVERY set you release, many times over (Meaning for more than one project).

Super happy that you chose to make this set as one of the first in this size too since I really like it.

"current version: 1.2.0
- Improved performance & add feature to check for unlocked % of a map

How do I check for unlockd % of a map? Is there a script call or plugin command that I have to use? The help file doesn't really mention it.

Thank you, and no problem!

I’ll check it out as soon as possible and let you know if I find anything else that needs fixing (hopefully not).

Hey Isabella, 
I'm writing again with a bug report and separate questions and requests. Loving the work on this plugin (and I see you released another minimap plugin recently as well! Might check that out in the future).

The bug request is is regarding the LOWER RIGHT TILE on the map. It never ever registers on the map no matter how much I squeeze into that corner of the map while exploring.

Here's a screenshot (my player character in this test map has not graphics so it's invisible):

Besides that I was wondering if you'd consider adding a plugin parameter for just exploring the one tile the player stands on instead of the 8 surrounding tiles as well (for a total of 9) as it's currently set up?

Also, I assume you store the data for the explored map somewhere in the plugin? Would it be possible to add a plugin command that I can put in a conditional branch to check if a certain % of a map has been explored or not? It's not a crucial feature for me but it could unlock some cool possibilities with side quests, tutorials and such.

An then the last question. Is the "Toggle Key" (as set up in a plugin parameter) only supposed to toggle whether the minimap registers new tiles or not (as it that's what it currently does?)
It wasn't super well explained so I thought it was a key to toggle whether the minimap would be visible or not, but that was not the case. No big deal for me either way, but if it works as intended, maybe the description of this plugin parameter could be improved?


Thank you soooo much! I’ll download and try it out as soon as I’m able to. This is fantastic news for my project!

Great, then “Master2015hp” it is! I do like your work and hope you make many more cool plugins in the future as well.

I've bought two of your plugins, this one and the "minimap" one. The readme's doesn't specifically state how you'd like to be credited though. Your name here on is "Isabella Ava", is that how you'd want to be referred to in the game credits? Or is it "master2015hp" as you also seem to go by?

It seems a bit mixed and I'm not sure which one you'd prefer?


I really like this plugin. It's one of a kind. But I was wondering if you would consider adding some features? Well, I say features but all I really would want is the option for the "explored territory" to be drawn in more clearly defined way. The dotted graphics that get painted kind of blend together when you expand what's explored (kind of like an auto-tile), but it doesn't give the player the best visual feedback. I'd love to be able to either add my own graphic in the pictures folder (like I can with the player and object icons). But I'd also settle for something like a grey/transparent square for each explored tile as well.

It wouldn't look super fancy, but it would give the player very good feedback.

Would this be possible?

Also, the plugin readme says: "You must buy a license before using this plugin for any commercial purposes". I bought the plugin here on (for 10$) and I assume that means I have a license but I wanted to ask just to be clear.

Thanks for making this. And thanks for reading all this too!

Hey, this looks pretty cool!

For a JAM game, this is very feature packed! 

It was a little confusing to start off (a slower start with better tutorial would be neat), but otherwise the concept is great (and the execution of said concept might not be perfect, but at least "very good").

Being able to upgrade the workers and invest money into the shop gave the game some much appreciated additional depth. Although, it wasn't well explained how how the underlying system worked here either so I never really understood how that worked. Never really fully grasped how the day/night system worked either, although I suspect it was simply on a real time clock?

In any case, nice entry into Drifty's annual JAM.

And here it is, fantastic! I think you've now officially released all icons that were available on that "free-for-non-commercial-MV-default-icon-sheet" (wow, that's a mouthful). 

Anyway, I know I've asked you about your plans for future icon sets several times already but let me pop in another two questions. 

Have you decided what you'll work on next? And, will you make a big licensed pack of actual skill icons too at some point? 
I know there's a few spell icons in one of the previous packs but while those would fit well for your regular elemental mage I can see void for icons that would fit other classes skills. Just putting it out there. Maybe I'll inspire you, maybe it won't.

In any case, keep the icons coming!

Let me ask an unrelated question: What type of filtering have you done to the Tokiwa Graphics battlebacks to make them look retro like that? If it's not a complicated process, maybe you wouldn't mind sharing?


When arranging your icons last night I just noticed that you've yet to release any accessory icon pack? Stuff like rings, necklaces, brooches, pins and piercings. Like I said, I'd most likely buy the next pack regardless of what it is (futuristic sci-fi stuff would make me drool...hehe), but I think accessories could be a good one to prioritize as well.

Also, question! There's a few icons in the free to use MV default icon sheet replacement that's not in any of the packs (free or licensed) released up to date (including some yummy accessories!). Are those bits and piece potentially being released in a pack in the near future? Would be nice to be able to not have to edit them out since you went through all the trouble of neatly arranging the sheet for us.

Oh and thanks for the item/weapons/armors .dat file. It'll serve as a great inspiration. Some of those descriptions were pretty good!

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Thanks for making these. I've been eying your page for a while now (quite a long white actually) but never really took the leap, even though I liked the quality of your icons.

Quite simply, I didn't think there was enough quantity to replace a full icon sheet. And while the icons looked nice, you have such an unique style that it doesn't match anything else.

This all changed when you released the complete MV default icon overhaul pack (free for non-commercial use). I realized I had not been keeping up with your work, and that you now had both quality AND quantity. 

So... I just bought the entire set. Pack 1-8 (and downloaded all free bonus packs too!). Super happy with these and there's so much of it.

I guess I just wanted to say thanks for making them, and let you know what made me open up the wallet. Overhauling the default icons like that was very good marketing.

Going forward, maybe consider adding some sci-fi or futuristic icons as well, hm? Well, that would make me happy. But, whatever you make, it's likely I'll buy it at some point as long as you stay consistent with the style.

EDIT: Do you mind if I use some of the database entries in your sample project (the one from the RM default icon sheet overhaul) in a commercial game?


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Hey Caz, this is fantastic. Allowing us to download and check some of the icons out before buying the commercial licenses in the individual packs. I like it a lot and plan to fork out some dollars your way soon. Great job on this. Really mean it.

EDIT: I can spot a few icons which I don't think you've included in any currently released icon pack outside of this one. The chainsaw and some cracked orbs (there might be other icons too that I didn't notice).

How will one get permission to use those commercially? Will they be released in the future?

I'm going to say Yes. Like someone said, it's not different from putting cover art on the download page. It's not a part of the actual game and I assume people who  would put a splash screen there would already have a logo made.

Personally I won't do it because I don't have one made,  but I don't see why people who already have one shouldn't be able to slap their name on their game.

That's great to know. Opens up a lot of possibilities.

New question:
Are we allowed to move RTP around and put it in different folders? Like say I wanted a battle background for the title screen or I wanted to use some other RTP graphic to replace some custom graphics that a plugin would otherwise require? 

As long as I don't edit the graphics to fit certain dimensions in an image editor, am I allowed to put the RTP (from all rpg maker engines I own), in whichever folder I want?

That's a relief. Thanks for the quick reply!

What if I'd want to use say the VxAce RTP and someone else already upscaled it for me. An example would be this VxAce icon setfrom Yanfly:

Would I be able to use them or do I have to do all the hard work myself? I'm specifically curious about this icon set.