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Right, that’s what I thought and why I asked. It seemed to contradict the rules. 

The step below Mature17+ though is Teen, which allows for some ”crude humor, suggestive themes” but it also states ”minimal blood”. I’ve never seen anyone on rmw have any problem with bloody/gory horror games so I can only assume that part is okay.
Usually when people get offended by a gme, it’s because of sexual content, extreme language or a sensitive theme (religion, abuse, etc). So maybe safer to stick to the Teen rating im regards to those elements.

Oh, so even “Mature17+“ games would be considered then? That’s a pleasant surprise since that’d mean anything short of a p0rn game would be accepted? 

Just to be clear, the rating below “Adult Only18+” would be ”Mature17+” and this is what the ESRB site says about that: ” Mature17+ Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

I know the RMW forum usually tries to keep things PG13 which is why I’m double checking as ”Mature17+” would be a few steps about that.

thanks for the quick replies by the way.

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Regarding rule nr14: “No 18+ Content: This includes strong sexual themes and content, graphic nudity, or extreme portrayals of violence. If you're unsure, please follow ESRB guidelines:”.

It’s a bit vauge since ESRB can be rated at different levels: Everyone, Everyone10+, Teen, Mature17+, Adults Only18+.

I understand that the last one is out of the question but where do you draw the line? 

While I'd love to see this pack in 32x32 size I assume I'll have to wait quite a while for that to happen?

Thanks for the reply. That’s a good resolution. I thought you used 32x32 tiles though since I see some xp rtp in there. Maybe you’ve reworked the graphics to 48x48? 

Hello Starlit Games. I’m just curious about the resolution and tile size of your game? It looks great btw.


I’m interested in your background pack: , but the licence/terms of use is a little vauge. Would I be allowed to use the artwork in printed media (for example, as illustrations for physical books/cards/boardgames?

(The reason I’m commenting here is because you’ve not activated comments on that asset.)

Hello, I was wondering if I’m allowed to use the assets from this pack (as well as the assets from your other character packs) in print media such as books and/or cards?

I’m designing a (physical) card game that will be printed (and hopefully, sold) and I’d like to use these graphics for character art.

Will do!

would you consider adding a waterfall?

This looks really cool, and it’s also very unique! But there is no showcase for any of the tiles besides those two screenshots? Is there tiles in here that’s not shown? also, would you be open to commissions, and if so, what’s your rate  (just curious)?

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Well for starters, MV/MZ's animated tiles (Such as water and waterfalls  for example) only have 3 frames, but it's possible to squeeze out 4 frame animation by formatting an object as a "character" and setting up a move route that turns it in the four different directions (up, left, right, down). Although, to make animations beginner friendly, keeping to the 3 frame auto-tile format is probably best for most objects.

When it comes to furniture and objects meant to be placed along walls I think it's best to center them vertically on 3 tiles even if the object only takes up 2 tiles. reason being is that it'll look much better (like it's up against the wall), but this is assuming that there is enough space to do so in the B~E tile sheets. There are scripts that can do the same thing without "wasting" precious space in your tile sheets, but you'd have to assume not everyone would be using those.

When it comes to the Vx/MV/MZ, the auto-tile format is pretty bad. It's very compact, and therefore you sometimes have to crop more complex patterns for it to work. As a workaround, it is possible to use the A5 tile sheet for more complex patterns if they're difficult or impossible to fit into the auto-tile format, as these tiles are drawn on the same layer. But the A5 sheet is pretty small and placing tiles there will make them normal tiles, not auto-tiles. It is an option you have though for certain ground/wall patterns.

As for how the MV/MZ auto tiles work. Here's some resources that should explain it :
Official RPG maker blog:
Random YouTube video (~30min) explaing the VxAce format (it's the same as in later engines):

I just bought ALL your sets and also want to use them in MV. But as soon as I opened them up in an image editor I realized that some tiles (auto-tiles and animated water tiles mainly) would be a lot of work to adapt myself.
I could do it of course, but now that I've read: "Getting my tiles properly set up to work with RPG Maker is a planned feature for the near future!", I wonder if it'd be better to perhaps wait?
It would depend on how far of this "near future" is, I guess? Is it like a month, two months, half a year or longer? And is that estimate just for this pack or all of your packs? I understand you might not be able to give an exact month or date, but if you could be a wee bit more specific that would be much appreciated!


when extracting the Zip file I can’t fins the actor sprites/portraits?

Are any future battleback packs that would match your dungeon/inside tilesets in the workings or is it likely we’d have to wait for those?

I saw that you just released it!  Makes me wonder what pack would be next in this series?

This looks very interesting. Will you make more assets in this style? 

With the current assets it seems you'd be able to make some villages, towns, plans and maybe forest areas but in order to make full RPG one would need some tilesets for house interors, dungeons as well as character sprites.

I'll follow you and keep an eye out for future assets in this style.

These look really good. I was looking for something like this and I'm so thankful I found these. Furthermore, the license is also very generous.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the reply.

just ’knowing this one is next in line is enough for now. I’m looking forward to it.

hey (again) Thomas, 

I just asked this question in the comments for another pack but I’m wondering if there’s any chance of this pack getting re-released as a 32x32 set within the next year or not as well.

hello Thomas,

Is there any plans on releasing a 32x32 version of this pack within the next year?

Hello Thomas, 

Have you considered making a matching set if battle backgrounds for this pack? It’s something I’d be very interested in, especially if it had a few different environments such as forest, cave, dungeon, volcano, grassland etc.

Oh, what a nice surprise! I’ll check it out.

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That sounds wonderful, and I hope you manage to realize both of those packs. I'll buy them for sure. It's actually really hard to get your hands on (pixel art) battle background assets without hiring an artist directly (but that's quite pricey for a hobbyist). 

Do you already have an idea of what environments/settings (and how many...ish?) you'd put in such a pack? While I assume it'd still be quite some time before you had it all finished, just knowing you where thinking about it made me really curious.

This is a really great asset pack. Would you consider making a complimentary battle background back in the future (stuff like forest, cave, desert, volcano, ice cave, dungeon… I guess?).

a complimentary pack with (fewer) large boss monsters would also be very cool.

This is great. You can make both tropical beaches and deserts with it! Super! Especially glad to finally have more plats and trees (please make even more trees in the future!).

Thank you for your quick reply.
While I got your attention I might as well ask. Is this thread (and the prices listed) still relevant in 2021?

While I'm not looking to commission anything right away, I'm trying to plan ahead, and I've taken quite a liking to your battlers and might want to hire you for some custom work (in the future).

Is there a list of what characters are currently done? 

Also, is this pack free, even for commercial games?

Just wanted to let you know that two tiles above the water fall in the Autumn set (19.05 - Gentle Forest 2.0c (seasonal palettes) has the wrong shade of green on the grass.

Do you plan on making any sprites for this pack?

Great! Thanks for the update!

I'm looking forward to the treasure chests and new dungeon tiles

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Fantastic! I’ll looking forward to it.

Edit: Also, do you plan to add animated treasure chests to any existing or future pack?

I was actually wondering the same thing!