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Okay, I love the concept and the art style, so I'm going to be honest with you guys: IMHO this is virtually unplayable in its current state. There's SO much potential here for fun! For whatever it's worth, here are the things I would humbly suggest looking into:

1. CONTROLLER SUPPORT!! Seriously, this would be AMAZING with a controller. I know this because I set up an Xpadder profile for my Xbox 360 pad, where I assigned WADS to the left stick, MOUSE to the right stick, LEFT & RIGHT MOUSE BUTTONS to the left and right TRIGGERS, ESC to the Back button and SPACE to the left & right bumpers and also the A button, 'cause I'm not sure where I like it best yet. (Mainly because I'm not sure that feature even works. Does dash actually do anything?)

2. Let me use button presses to skip through the dialog faster. It's annoying to have to wait through that whole thing every single time I play.

3. I do not understand why I have to get so close to the planet to initiate combat. It's way too close to begin with, I can hardly tell what I'm even doing. And then when I arm a spear, it moves even closer?

Also, when I hold the button to aim a spear, the camera orientation changes and the controls get really weird and unpredictable, making it way harder to aim a shot than it should be. I can't actually line up a shot, I kind of just wait until a target happens to move under the targeting line.

Then when I release the spear, the camera changes back to its initial orientation, which just makes the whole thing feel awkward and disorienting. I feel like I'm fighting against the controls, not the planet.

Personally, I'd make the combat snap volume much farther away from the planet, and not reorient the camera when I'm aiming a spear. I think if you did that, you might not even need the aiming line, because it would actually be possible to develop a sense of what the spear's trajectory will be. Also, with the planet farther away, dodging the red balls and lasers etc. would feel less frustrating and unfair and with dashing, would actually be really fun. Zipping around the planet, evading attacks and lobbing spears!

Anyway, those are my initial thoughts, expressed with love for your cool project, for whatever they are worth. :) Like I say, I love the concept and the style, and I think there is a LOT of potential for amazingly fun gameplay here. Just support controllers, let the player fight the planet from farther away, and keep the camera view consistent. :D


Yeah, you're spot on.