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SWEEEEEEET! Much classic! So nostalgia!

Still lots of cool info, but yeah what you get is all you're gonna get.

Will this run on Win 7? The demo ran great on my old Win 7 box.

Ok , build release notes  says "Win 7 +" :P

I'm trying to run this, but it keeps telling me I'm missing dlls. I find and download the one it tells me is missing, and then when I try to run it, it says a different one is missing. Will this even run on Win 7?

Is the full game going to release here? I don't do Steam. lol

I hope you also plan to release it here! I don't do Steam. :D

YESSSS! I found this via some other online source a couple of years ago, but I am happy for the opportunity to toss you guys a few bucks in the hope that you'll finally expand this into a full game. :D

LOL If I did Steam, I wouldn't be HERE. Too bad, game looked kinda fun.

No problem at all! :)

Has this update been uploaded yet? I'm still only able to download version.

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Ok, this is one of those games that should be taught in game design 101 classes. Absolutely perfect execution of feel, world design, level mechanics, exploration, power ups, difficulty progression, twitch challenge and enticement to continue.  Instantly one of my favorite NES games EVER. Utterly brilliant!

I initially grabbed this using "No thanks, just take me to the downloads", but after playing it, had to come back and donate a few bucks to support this effort.

Now, when are we going to get a full version of Super Bat Puncher? :D

Awesome Possum! Literally! lol Just purchased! Good luck guys, this game is awesome!

I'm finding this to be unplayable. After about 3 minutes, the rear jet on the suit turns on and won't turn off, yet isn't actually moving the character, and the left stick becomes completely unresponsive. Tried multiple time, always the same amount of time before the left stick stops working. Suit appears to still have power, the yellow bar has three or more cells lit up.

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NOICE! Yeah, I don't follow ANYONE on Twitter, so good call posting stuff here. Here I get email updates for these things and will actually see it. :)

What's the difference between the 666 Twitter Deluxe version and the regular version? Also, how do I exit the game??

Ooooh, yeah I don't do Steam. lol I'll try your other links and hope for the best. Thanks!

Google link is disabled due to too much traffic, Mega link wants me to pay for an account due to the file size. You should probably split it into multiple smaller rars. 

TBH I think the animations all look pretty fantastic! The only possible thing I can see is what Temmieneko mentioned: the wind up on the kick is maybe too extreme. The kick itself looks good, I'd just cut the amount of windup by a third. Otherwise, I say "ship it" and move on to the next step! :)


Sorry to hear financial pressures may force you to split your focus, but I think relieving some life stress can only be a positive thing overall. :)

I think the rework on the white one looks pretty good! The other one is fine too, though for some reason I keep feeling like I'd like it better without the low cut neckline. Maybe the story context makes it work better? The white one works because it makes sense that you'd just be in underwear for cryosleep. The other one seems like normal beachwear which is pretty incongruous.

Again, I don't know what the context for the new outfit is, but I find myself thinking something more like a high-neck neoprene diving bodysuit would make more sense, even if the arms and legs were still bare. :)

LOL I'm definitely NOT advocating for hand drawn maps! I just pointed that out because I routinely see it flogged as a "design flaw" by youtubers who clearly did not play the game in the context of when it was originally released.

Yeah, I dunno what to tell you if people STILL aren't realizing they need to interact with the helmet. But I like the way you have it set up. You either learn that you should try to interact with anything that looks out of place or unusual, or you die.

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but the thing I'm loving about this game (besides the awesome creepy ambience) is how I keep finding myself in that classic Metroid situation of feeling like I've gone everywhere I can access and don't know where I'm supposed to go next, so I retrace my steps more carefully and have that euphoric moment when I discover the hidden thing I had overlooked that lets me progress. I think that is super good design for this kind of game.

Seems like exploration tends to get sidelined in favor of monster fights in Metroidvanias these days.

Yeah, I saw that. It's all good! :)

Great to see such aggressive progress being made! Nice work! :) 

Interesting... the very first time I played the demo, I almost thought the helmet wasn't interactive. But not because it needed a highlight, it was because I kept trying to interact with it and nothing was happening. I think I also died. In the end, it took some wiggling around to find the sweet spot that would let me pick it up. On further playthroughs I had no problem. But visually, it definitely stood out enough that I noticed it as unusual. I just think it's a little silly to put a big highlight on a button that already has a flashing light on it. lol And your game has such incredible mood and atmosphere that I hate anything that disturbs it. But I get your point. 

But my thoughts should probably be taken with a grain of salt. I am one of those weirdos who think Metroid 2 on the original Gameboy is the best of the original trilogy and that Super Metroid is grossly overrated. I also LOVED the fact that I had to make my own map for Metroid 1 with graph paper and colored pencils! Back then, that was VALUE to have a game world that complex! lol

Awesome progress! But I'll be honest, I don't like the highlights on the interactive stuff. IMHO they seem unnecessary and distracting.

Good on you! I'm definitely not a fan of Steam. Buy all my games here and on GOG and Humble (what few DRM-free titles they sell).

LOL "later on"?? I'm getting my ass handed to me on the first challenge! I see easy mode in my future... X))

I've barely just played past the tutorial section, but I needed to chime in and say OMG THE CONTROLLLSSSSSS. Dudes, the controls are so silky smooth! I don't think I've ever played a platformer where mantling and wall jumping felt so good. Nice job!

Aww yeah! The electricity looks fantastic!


LOL I LOVE these non-sequitur updates! "Random thing has been added! AND IT'S AWESOME!!" 

Please, PLEASE sell it here as well. I don't use Steam. I HATE STEAM. I just can't support a system where the games I've paid for are tethered to some other software that could, at any time, make it so that I can't play my games anymore (if, say, they decided to stop supporting my OS or something or my internet connection is down and offline play is bugged) or ruin my experience by injecting ads or some pop-up or cycle-stealing garbage onto my system. I only buy my games from Gog. Itch and Humble (when they're DRM free). But, you know, that's just like, my opinion, man. ;)



I love this game so much! But I'd love it even more if I could move and shoot at the same time. lol

This is such a neat concept, well executed and in an appealing style. I actually created an Xpadder profile so I can play it with a controller and it works pretty well. Can't wait for the full version!

You are either very brave or completely insane to upgrade Unity in the middle of a project! lol 

Awesome news! Yeah, I think ANY creative endeavor is easier when you rough out the whole structure first and then refine and fill in details.I'd think it would be really easy to burn out otherwise. With everything roughly mapped out, you're free to jump to whatever part you're in the mood to work on, and plug the results in where they actually go, rather than building up a random pile of assets that you have to remember to put somewhere.Makes it easier to see how much progress you're really making when things are in context.

Okay, I love the concept and the art style, so I'm going to be honest with you guys: IMHO this is virtually unplayable in its current state. There's SO much potential here for fun! For whatever it's worth, here are the things I would humbly suggest looking into:

1. CONTROLLER SUPPORT!! Seriously, this would be AMAZING with a controller. I know this because I set up an Xpadder profile for my Xbox 360 pad, where I assigned WADS to the left stick, MOUSE to the right stick, LEFT & RIGHT MOUSE BUTTONS to the left and right TRIGGERS, ESC to the Back button and SPACE to the left & right bumpers and also the A button, 'cause I'm not sure where I like it best yet. (Mainly because I'm not sure that feature even works. Does dash actually do anything?)

2. Let me use button presses to skip through the dialog faster. It's annoying to have to wait through that whole thing every single time I play.

3. I do not understand why I have to get so close to the planet to initiate combat. It's way too close to begin with, I can hardly tell what I'm even doing. And then when I arm a spear, it moves even closer?

Also, when I hold the button to aim a spear, the camera orientation changes and the controls get really weird and unpredictable, making it way harder to aim a shot than it should be. I can't actually line up a shot, I kind of just wait until a target happens to move under the targeting line.

Then when I release the spear, the camera changes back to its initial orientation, which just makes the whole thing feel awkward and disorienting. I feel like I'm fighting against the controls, not the planet.

Personally, I'd make the combat snap volume much farther away from the planet, and not reorient the camera when I'm aiming a spear. I think if you did that, you might not even need the aiming line, because it would actually be possible to develop a sense of what the spear's trajectory will be. Also, with the planet farther away, dodging the red balls and lasers etc. would feel less frustrating and unfair and with dashing, would actually be really fun. Zipping around the planet, evading attacks and lobbing spears!

Anyway, those are my initial thoughts, expressed with love for your cool project, for whatever they are worth. :) Like I say, I love the concept and the style, and I think there is a LOT of potential for amazingly fun gameplay here. Just support controllers, let the player fight the planet from farther away, and keep the camera view consistent. :D