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Wow! I bought this on GOG awhile ago and just got the update, but didn't know what was in it! Really impressed that such a large and polished game is getting great updates like this. Very nice! Thank you! 

LOL Sometimes you just have to recharge your batteries by playing someone else's game for awhile. That's actually why I'm playing yours (and Blasphemous, and... and...) I'm really happy to see an update! Really looking forward to the day when I get to pay you for the finished game. LOVING this!

I can't get this game to run. I get a "file not found" error. :( I bought it on Humble Store, but it is the same version 1.3.1. I'm running it in WIn 7.

Thank you for taking the time to help me! :)

...because Fight Crab sounds like Fight Club, which is actually funny? smh

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I love the classic visual design of this game (especially fullscreen with scanlines and CRT filter)! And having the player's shots wrap the edges of the screen is such a simple idea, but adds so much to the gameplay. It is the perfect blend between fun and challenge when played with a controller! I'm using Xpadder to play it with my wireless Xbox 360 pad. Without it, I'd probably be in an emergency room getting my fingers amputated! LOL

I configured an Xpadder profile for this game and it works great! Especially cool because I can assign C+B to one button for shooting, but still have them separate on other buttons if I need them separate as well. Super fun game!

Ugh. Game is not recognizing my wireless Xbox 360 pad. Are there keyboard bindings for this game? I can make an Xpadder profile if there are keyboard bindings.