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Hey Eddiember,

Thanks much for trying the game and the let's play video - really great seeing how other people play the game, what they like or might change or provide options to make it a better game with ongoing development. I've been getting similar feedback that the movement and controls are very 'slippery' - there are two parts there, one is the drag the player has when touching the ground(higher drag=more friction=less slipping with ground), the other is the player's horizontal momentum which I could remove so that the player moves more like an arcade character instantly in the direction pushed - or I could provide some kind of slider amounts for drag and momentum for players to set to their liking. Would you suggest starting players out with a much easier setting of high drag and low momentum to make the controls feel more responsive? I started out the game with the idea of the player getting a sense of their 'weight' to help feel more immersed in the physics of the game(in a good way), but so far I think it is frustrating to starting players who are more used to most FPS where the player has high-drag and no momentum(instant direction changes).

With the texture work would you suggest both higher resolution and variety of textures or something else? The art/aesthetic work is my weakest point as a solo programmer so I'm always trying to get helpful suggestions from players on this. The latest version (last screenshot on webpage) I've replaced the placeholder placeholder 'cube' with a more humanoid shape bot form. Thanks again and best luck with the youtube channel.


As its randomly generated I figure its hard to make it look attractive while keeping the the game the same. I think perhaps maybe some variety of different objects you can climb on, like maybe some floating trees or such, just some things other then rock walls.

As for the jumping, perhaps a slider would be good, but there are some jumps that I don't think you would be able to make without the high jump. The Random Generation is difficult to work with in terms with the jumping, because if you affect anything, one might not be able to make a jump. Perhaps an in game method to control the drag or friction on your character, like a press of a button will turn it to Arcade to make short jumps, then you can press the button again to turn it back to the slippery jumps. I don't know if thats possible with Unreal though.