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Such an amazing prototype. Admittedly I didn't pick up the game for any particular reason, I simply randomly choose games and play them for my channel (Hence: Randomly Generated), but this in my opinion was a home run in terms of games. I'm glad I played it and despite not having many subscribers, hope this will bring more attention to Run Far.

The controls were solid in my opinion, and the coins instantly told me what I was able to do in terms of parkour. Would gladly pay money for this once its finished. Keep up the good work.

As its randomly generated I figure its hard to make it look attractive while keeping the the game the same. I think perhaps maybe some variety of different objects you can climb on, like maybe some floating trees or such, just some things other then rock walls.

As for the jumping, perhaps a slider would be good, but there are some jumps that I don't think you would be able to make without the high jump. The Random Generation is difficult to work with in terms with the jumping, because if you affect anything, one might not be able to make a jump. Perhaps an in game method to control the drag or friction on your character, like a press of a button will turn it to Arcade to make short jumps, then you can press the button again to turn it back to the slippery jumps. I don't know if thats possible with Unreal though.

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Hey Garcia, got a good game here considering its in alpha. I played the demo you have up on your Itch site and it looks pretty good. A few better textures would go a long way, but otherwise its the first casual parkour game I've played in a long time.

I've did a Let's Play of the game on my Channel. I don't have many subscribers or regular viewers, but it may bring some more people to see your game.

Really had fun playing your game. Did a Let's Play of it. Hope you expand on the game and add more events.

Sort the Court | A Fair King | Randomly Generated

Really enjoyed the game, Reminded me a lot of the Stanley Parable. I admit I was stupidly stuck in the third room for a long time though. The flashlight was a bit of a hindrance, but come to find out you really didn't need it. Short and enjoyable.
My Let's Play of the Interactivity