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Gamepad recommended. Full free game including ground terrains and leaderboards at


Glider is controlled by gamepad left-stick(keyboard WASD or Vive left-thumbpad)  Score by flying closer and faster to the rocks without crashing. A level is completed when you get close to the bottom of the level(a little below the cloud line) and the HUD will display 'Round Over'.

Each level acts as a random seed for a different placement of objects, textures, etc so each level unique within the options given.



Hey Eddiember,

Thanks much for trying the game and the let's play video - really great seeing how other people play the game, what they like or might change or provide options to make it a better game with ongoing development. I've been getting similar feedback that the movement and controls are very 'slippery' - there are two parts there, one is the drag the player has when touching the ground(higher drag=more friction=less slipping with ground), the other is the player's horizontal momentum which I could remove so that the player moves more like an arcade character instantly in the direction pushed - or I could provide some kind of slider amounts for drag and momentum for players to set to their liking. Would you suggest starting players out with a much easier setting of high drag and low momentum to make the controls feel more responsive? I started out the game with the idea of the player getting a sense of their 'weight' to help feel more immersed in the physics of the game(in a good way), but so far I think it is frustrating to starting players who are more used to most FPS where the player has high-drag and no momentum(instant direction changes).

With the texture work would you suggest both higher resolution and variety of textures or something else? The art/aesthetic work is my weakest point as a solo programmer so I'm always trying to get helpful suggestions from players on this. The latest version (last screenshot on webpage) I've replaced the placeholder placeholder 'cube' with a more humanoid shape bot form. Thanks again and best luck with the youtube channel.