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This game was sick! It was able to keep me on my toes the throughout entire game. Few things tho, during the scene with blue doors and a cabinet, I can't move sideways into the cabinet. I think most player will look at what's on the cabinet and think that they could sidestep to line themselves up. And when the "No Fate" door opened, I kinda have to touch it the second time for it to work. Other than that, the game was amazing with many good scares. Can't wait to play more.

[just gonna shamelessly plug my vid there...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

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Hey thank you! The cabinet thing is a glitch that was messing up the whole level, already patched it! The No fate door is not a bug, it supposed to trick you into thinking nothing will happen.

I see, thanks for making such an awesome game!

Hey thank you for playing and for supporting the game :)