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Hey man sorry about that. I've had people report this issue as well but I have been unable to figure out the problem. If you can send me a video recording of your screen while running the game and send it to me I might be able to understand the problem. That is of course if you're willing to do it. You can send it to my email: thanks!

Ok! No problem

Email me at:

Yes. And I havn't updated the game recently. If u want, give me your email so I can give you a link to my drive and download it from there.

Hey man that's really weird.  Have you previosly downloaded games on itchio with no problems?

Thanks man appreciate yout feedback

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hey man really appreciate the critique. There somethings I'd like to point out.

There were a few times you threw rocks pretty far away from the raptor, I programmed the raptors so that they can't hear from too far away, this way you dont have all three raptors chasing after the rock from any location. Thats why when you threw one rock that a raptor heard,  you were surpised the raptor "cameback" and spotted you. However, thats not the same raptor, that is another raptor that was closer to you and didnt heard the rock. 

Another part of your video, u threw the rock after the raptor spotted (if a raptor spots u, they will obviously ignore the rock and continue to chase you like any animal in real life would do).

There was another moment u threw a rock at the raptor that walks in before u enter the big area with the rocks, however, that raptor walking in is a scripted event to inform the player that the area is full of rapots therefor the raptor will ignore the rock in that particular moment. This is a fault in the game's design and I should probably remove that rock to avoid this comfussion.

Also you mentioned how the raptor dont spot you from 5 feet away. I undestand the criticism, however I think most stealth games suffer one way or another from this, where you are standing a few feets away from enemies and they don't spot you. Its hard to make a stealth games with realistic enemies. But I'll definitely keep it in mind.

The rock segment road I definitely see where you're coming from. I had not initally planned to add that segment, however I end up creating that segment to add more build up before the player encounters the dinosaurs for the first time. But I can definitely change the level design for that.

Anyway Im not defending this game as great, I'm actually planning on redesigning a lot of stuff. This was meant as an alpha demo, and not an actual official game demo. Also, you mentioned how there wasn't much horror, I made the demo as both an adventure and horror game which may explain the lack of horror. However, I'll also keep that criticism in mind in the future.

Thank you very much for the critique. Dont feel bad about it because I very much needed some criticism for this game to help me in the future development.

Hey sorry about that. That's really weird, out of curiosity, what is your screen resolution?

Hey sorry about that, I've never seen anyone experience the bug. I know it's much to ask but if you could send me a vid demonstrating the bug I might get a better idea what is going on. Out of curiosity, what is your screen resolution? Let me know, thanks.

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Thank you, glad you enjoted it🙏

Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! I'm looking into that bug, cause other people get it too.

Thank you :). May I ask, what part you got stuck?

hey thanks man :)

Thank you :)

Thanks :)

Thank you!

Thank you :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! Yeah I thought about removing those texts, maybe I'll make them shorter and more suggestive.

Hey thank you for the feedback, appreciate it :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

Hey thank you!

Already patched it, the note thing shouldn't be causing trouble 👍

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Thank you! How long ago did you download the game? It might be an older version that had that bug.

Hey thank you for playing and for supporting the game :)

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Hey thank you! The cabinet thing is a glitch that was messing up the whole level, already patched it! The No fate door is not a bug, it supposed to trick you into thinking nothing will happen.

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Hey thank you so much for your feedback, really appreciate it. Woa I never noticed the typo, patching it right now... Yeah the press "E" to read button I already patched, you were probably playing the previous version. The reading the notes twice I had been trying to fix but I think I finally found the solution. The real difference between patreon and kickstarter is patreon is a montly payment while kickstarter is only one-time payment.

Saludos! Gracias!

Hey thanks a lot, appreciate your feedback :)

Yes thank you! I think I might have fixed the one from the hallway with doors.

XD thats awesome man thank you

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Hey, you seem to have experienced several glitches. The first one is the newspaper text which I already fixed. The second is the camera and walking movement, it seemed to completely broke the level. It has never happened to me. I'll try to look into it. The third one was the letters which I also fixed.

Thank you! Appreciate the positive feedback 🙏

Hello! I'm not sure what it is cause I'm able to download the game, maybe try a different browser. The browser your using might prevent you from downloading

Thank you :)!

Thank you man, appreciate the positive feedback :)

🙏🙏 thank you man, glad you really enjoyed the game. Anyway yeah I'd like to take a look at it, you can send the video at my email if you can please. 

Unreal Engine 4

Thank you man! Really appreciate your positive feedback :) May I ask which notes you had to pick twice in order to advance? I've never had that happen to me. Thank you.