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let me know how that goes

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hang on YOU have to try that, I do not have your initial issue :/

edit: I just noticed that for me the game defaults to a strange resolution that is not actually the case, so when I do reset or apply without changing that, it jumps to get BIGGER than before, so then I could not fix it IF I had a smaller screen ^^

Sooo double checking the resolution and force setting fullscreen -> window -> fullscreen might refresh the GUI to fix it for you

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Im playing on a 50" 4k tv and my computer can handle it no problem. so size of screen is not the issue. its when in fullscreen it will click through the window on whatever is behind it out of the game. after switching to full screen and waiting for it to revert it goes back to windowed mode taking up the full screen. its playable but when i mouse down my task bar will pop up and mouse wont stay in the window. im testing on my old laptop right now to see if the issue is with the update and not just higher end monitors or machines.

Edit; works fine with my laptop. maybe its in issue with large scale or anything connected with hdmi

Edit2; [FIXED] turned down to 1080 and it stopped clicking throught the window. now im having horrible screen tearing. 60hz refresh rate on tv is my fault though. need to get a new monitor for desk.


yeah my maximum is 1080 so I could not even test larger screen resolutions xD HDMI should not be an issue because I am using HDMI and 1080p :)

soooo might be this game is not 4k ready xD