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Just updated to 73. Started a new game, and i've had zero customers. The game looks and runs better, but now i have no customers. I think the changes are really cool, I especially like the fan as opposed to the button. Very nice touch. Any ideas as to why i'm not getting any business?

does your shop door say "shop open" ? if not, click that sign!

it does! I never had this problem before the update!

Yeah there is a hotfix, #731, fixing this bug! It happens on save game load and when sleeping.

Works like a charm now :)


Yeah that means a quick update in order to fix a critical bug :)

ah okay, will i have to download another update file? Or will it automatically do it in my game?

If you use the itch.io app it will automatically update, I think - if not, you need to check the downloads every once in a while and re-download the game :)